Physics 1-12-22 Collisions Problems Review 2

PHYSICS: Great job with some of the more advanced momentum and energy problems! Here’s a look at the student in the middle of a frozen pond, bird on the wire, car crash with coefficient of friction, and the billiard balls.

Ready for the test? Take another look at some of the concepts!

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19 thoughts on “Physics 1-12-22 Collisions Problems Review 2

  1. My triumph for this week was getting almost every math problem right, and if not correct than understanding what I did wrong, which is definitely more valuable. ALSO I am currently doing my web post and it is Thursday so I think that’s good progress

  2. T-Triumph
    This week I triumphed in time management and homework problems. I was very good at setting aside time at home to do the homework. I also did very well on the book work this week. Another triumph was that Elizabeth and I did exquisite on the car bumper design challenge.

  3. My triumph for this week was finally understanding the math problems for this chapter. I was able to do most of them successfully and I understood the processes behind them. I also think that me and my lab partner did a really good job with the crash bumper design challenge. I was very proud of us!

  4. This week I would rate myself a 4/5 stars because I did good on the math problems we worked for homework this week. Sean and I also did good designing a crash bumper for the design challenge lab; we were very successful in keeping the force low with a creative design. However, I did not do fantastic on the conceptual questions so I lose points for that.

  5. This week I rate myself a 3.5/5. I started out rough and had no conceptual understanding of the conservation of momentum but now that I’ve practice I’m doing good. I’m also doing more of my homework now and not giving up halfway through. This weekend I will try to carry that momentum over to the test.

  6. T – Triumph
    This week, I would say my triumphs involved understanding and getting the homework problems correct this week, and succeeding in our crash bumper design lab. I actually understood and did well on our homework problems for this week, I was able to understand them and set them up correctly to get the correct answer. In our crash bumper design lab challenge, Abby and I did very well constructing a bumper that did a very good job of reducing the force experienced by our car. I am glad I was able to have these two triumphs this week.

  7. This week I’d rate myself 2/5 stars. I didn’t do too well on my homework this week, and my discussion question on the popper was sub-par. I have to study hard for this test to make a good grade.

  8. S – Struggle
    One struggle I have had this week is finding time to do my work. After school, softball, rehearsal, and cheer, I am so exhausted whenever I get home that it is difficult to stay awake and do my homework, so I am very much struggling. For example, I have fallen asleep approximately ten times while typing this. To help this struggle, I am going to try to get a somewhat healthy amount of sleep this weekend and hopefully get a little bit ahead in my work.

  9. T – Triumph
    This week I say that I had more triumphs than failures in that I was able to understand the material that we learned in class and apply that to the homework and class work pretty steadily. Additionally, I feel like in the labs and design challenges I understood the concepts being used and accomplished the tasks with little difficulty. My partner and I worked well together on our lab and we easily got below the threshold of 10N, even coming up with multiple designs. I hope that I can use what I’ve learned the past two weeks and apply it all to the test next week.

  10. My triumph for this week was getting a C on my test. It’s not what I wanted, and it’s not GOOD per se, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m glad. My goal is still to get at least one A on a test this year.

  11. This week a triumph I had was the egg drop design challenge. While we weren’t able to drop the egg from the ceiling without it cracking, we were able to get it up to 2 meters and drop it successfully. Our team did a good job coming up with a good design, working together, and dealing with the challenges that were thrown our way. It was my first time to win a design challenge so I would say that’s a big win.

  12. I had a lot of triumphs this week. The egg drop design challenge was really my first successful design challenge. Not only did we win, but my group also worked very well together, and I felt like each member really listened to each other. I think our success really was only possible by the excellent cooperation of each of our members. I also did really well on the test, and I am proud of myself because I think my test-taking skills are improving. I am feeling somewhat anxious about the car, but I am trying to feel excited about it and I am willing to fail and get better at engineering!

  13. My triumph for this week would be our test. I did well, and I didn’t let myself get stressed about it. I think I’ve finally realized what method of studying is best for me which is great. I was very proud of how I did on the test overall, and my time management skills are definitely improving as well.

  14. R-Rate
    This week I would rate myself a 3.75/5. For the most part it was good however there were a few struggles. Overall I did well on the test we had on Tuesday but I did make some silly mistakes that were easily avoidable if I had given myself time to go back and check my work. We also had the egg drop lab this week and our group successfully completed the drop from one meter. However, we did not get higher than this because of a small flaw in the design which allowed the egg to fall to the side and hit the ground. For the most part this week went well but there were some areas that could have been improved.

  15. My triumphs this week were the test and the egg drop design challenge. I did better than expected on the test and I studied well in advance and gave myself plenty of time to prepare. Also in the egg drop challenge our group worked well together with the handicap and although we weren’t able to reach the ceiling I believe it was only because we were off target.

  16. R – Rate
    This week I would rate myself a 3/5. For our egg drop challenge, I did not do a very good job at communicating my own ideas to my partners and I didn’t offer up much helpful suggestions and just allowed them to give most of the input. Our idea failed, and I will do better next time working as a team with them. However, I did so well on the test, which I am quite pleased with. Additionally, I feel like I have a pretty solid plan for my mousetrap car for the King of the Hill competition – I am very excited to build it and see how it goes. Overall, it was a decent week, and as always, I have room to improve and grow.

  17. My triumphs this week was my preparation for the physics test. I was ranking myself a 2/5 the week prior and I studied hard to do decent on the test. I did not think it was going to be pretty, and it was fairly good.

  18. R – Rate
    This week I would rate myself a 2/5. First, I did not do well on the test and make some dumb mistakes. Then, for the egg drop design challenge, my group did not do a good enough job of communicating, listening, and cooperating together. We also did not have enough time to make adjustments, so we failed even though our concept worked really well.

  19. This week I rate myself a 3/5. First I did decent on the test, however, I did not do as well as I wish I would have done. I made some mistakes that could’ve been easily fixed. Then for the egg drop design, we had a decent design, however, it did not go as planned for our group. We were not able to get as tall as we wanted to. We did not leave time for adjustments to our project

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