Chemistry 12-3-21 Using Chemical Formulas

CHEMISTRY: So the little mole turns out to be a pretty big deal – and a very handy tool!!

Awesome job today! We had a mic crash, so the vodcast posted here is from another class. Here’s discussion on formula mass and molar mass, and then using molar mass and Avogadro’s number as a conversion factor. You’ve got a couple of great tools – so now think through the problems and go forth and conquer!! Be sure and practice them so you don’t forget!

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67 thoughts on “Chemistry 12-3-21 Using Chemical Formulas

  1. Why is it that acetic acid is able to prevent an apple from turning brown? I think that, because the color change is caused by a reaction to the oxygen in the air, the oxygen present in acetic acid is what reacts to the apple, but, because of its liquid state, the reactants are not able to dissipate into the air like it normally would.

  2. Q- what is the difference between formula mass and molar mass?
    A-formula mass is the mass of a molecule, ion, or formula unit in amu or u . while molar mass is the mass of one mole of any compound in grams.

  3. For this semester, I rate myself a 4/5 in Chemistry. I think I stayed on top of my assignments and was very organized; however, I could have definitely studied more and more in advance for a test or quiz, and I will do better of this next semester.

  4. For this semester I rate myself a 6/10. I tried hard and studied hard I just didn’t end up with the grade I wanted. I did all my homework and turned in everything when it was do and did extra credit.

  5. For this semester, I would rate myself a 2/5 because I didn’t get the grades I wanted. Now I know that for next semester I will have to study longer and harder to get the good grades that I desire.

  6. For this semester I rate myself a 3/5. I rate myself this because at the beginning of the year I got off to a rocky start in the way I struggled to stay on top of things and manage my stress breakdowns, but as the year came to a close, I found that chemistry can be fun, it just requires extra effort and hard work. Next semester I am going to do better and try to calmly work my way through chemistry and try to enjoy it rather than viewing it as a killer class.

  7. I rate myself a 7/10 this week. I felt really good about the tests we had and I grapsed the chapters easily. i had a lot of fun this semester figuring out everything. somethings i did not feel good about like studying for tests a nd quizzes, i needed to spend more time memorizing certain things.

  8. I would rate this semester 4/5. I struggled with doing labs at first and I failed to turn in assignments on a few occasions, but in the end, I adapted to the difficulties and now I have an A to prove it. The subject is definitely interesting and I only wish the class wasn’t as intense so I could appreciate the lessons a little more.

  9. I would rate myself a 3 stars this semester. For the first couple of months I was doing well, but then within the last 2 months I stated to not give it my all and excepted the fact that I couldn’t do chemistry. But within the last couple of weeks, I realized that I wasn’t doing as well as I could have done, and that I was in a bad mindset. So I shifted my mindset and really gave it my all for the last couple of weeks, and I am very proud about that.

  10. For this semester I rate myself 4/5 stars. The reason I picked four is because I did really well on all my tests and quizzes this semester and I understand the material we’ve learned, but there was still room for improvement.

  11. For this semester I rate myself 3/5 stars. The reason it’s 3 is because I did well on my quizzes and exams and understood the material, but labs were a problem for me. Coming prepared for the lab and already knowing what to do was the biggest struggle for me.

  12. For the semester I rate myself a 3/5 because I could have done a lot better on some of my tests. I did good on most the labs we did. I was pretty much always prepared. I am excited to see how I do next semester.

  13. I would rate this semester a 3/5 stars. It was good at times and sometimes it wasn’t. I really understand what I need to do preparation wise for tests and quizzes. I did pretty well on labs and understand to work productively with the time given. I have a decent grade and I need to continue to work hard to maintain it.

  14. This semester I rate myself a 3.5/5 stars. I rate myself this because I ended up having a good semester grade and I got almost all of the work turned in and learned a lot. One problem I need to work on is being prepared for labs and making sure my lab reports are correct. This second nine weeks has been more challenging but overall I think I did good.

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  16. For this semester I give myself 2 out of 5 stars. The reason I give myself 2 stars is because I did not get the grades that I wanted to get. This is partly because of procrastination and trying to cram for things the night before, this got worse toward the end of this semester because I have been trying to juggle a lot. It is also partly because I did not understand some of the material that I tried to go back to and understand but if that didn’t work I just kinda gave up which is not acceptable considering all of the resources I have available to me.

    • This semester I would give myself a 4/5 stars. I would rate myself this way because I was able to maintain good grades for the most part. One thing I could work on though is planning ahead so I don’t have to stress the night before something is due. But overall, I am proud of the grade I currently have.

  17. I would rate myself a 5/5 stars because I studied well for my chemistry test and I am proud of my grade. I feel like I kept up well with my assignments and paid attention in class.

  18. I would rate the semester 4/5 stars. I had some struggles, but I feel like I did very well on my test and quizzes and was able to consistently learn and apply new information.

  19. R-Rate

    I rate myself a three out of five stars for this semester. I need to learn how to organize my time in my school work and life. I am not proud of my grade in chemistry it could be so much better if I were to be more responsible and tried a whole lot harder.

  20. For this semester, I would rate myself a 3/5. I studied hard and made sure that I knew the material for every test and quiz, but I let forgetting assignments and careless error bring my grade down. Now that I know that I need to check the syllabus habitually I can really excel next semester.

  21. This semester I rate myself a 4/5 because I have understood most of the material we went over. The quizzes and test were pretty difficult at some points but taught me a lot

  22. This semester I rate myself a 3/5 only because I’m doing way better this semester than last. I’m understanding and comprehending the material better, I just didn’t get the grades I exactly wanted.

  23. I rate myself a 3/5 for this semester only because I’m doing way better this semester than last. I’m understanding and comprehending the material better, I just didn’t get the grades I exactly wanted.

  24. I would rate myself a 4/5 stars this semester. I struggled with studying enough for tests and quizzes at the beginning, but this nine weeks I’ve done better. I also managed to get my grade up to an A.

  25. Overall, this semester I would rate myself a 3/5 stars. I didn’t do my best academically and I feel that I could have applied myself more for the outcome I wanted. Even though I could have done better, it still was a great semester and I learned lots of really cool and fun new things!

  26. I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed doing the labs and learning new things, but my grades could have definitely been better. Although I am now starting to understand the material, I still have a lot that i need to work on for next semester.

  27. I would rate myself a 3/5 on the semester. I felt like I could have tried harder and applied myself. I could tell the difference between studying the right way and studying a little. There is definitely room for improvement I hope to fill in next semester.

  28. I rate myself a 2/5. I wasn’t very good at studying on time which put me under a lot of stress along with not studying the right way. I hope to improve these things next semester by doing things on time and taking your studying tips.

  29. I rate this semester a 6/10 because I got behind a lot and there were some things that I got confused on and it took me a while to figure them out. I rate it higher though because I was able to figure it out and get through.

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