Physics 11-18-21 Work & Energy

PHYSICS: Funny thing about words, all this work you thought you’d been doing, was it work after all?

Great job today on making connections between work and energy! I think you’ll like using the work-energy theorem, it’ll save you some time and a couple of steps. Don’t forget about friction!

Physics 11-17-16 Work & Energy from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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9 thoughts on “Physics 11-18-21 Work & Energy

  1. A struggle that I had this week was the test we took on Tuesday. I didn’t have enough time to finish the problems, and I had to rush to finish the test. I didn’t have time to go back and check my work. To fix this in the future, I will go over conceptual stuff more so I can finish the multiple choice earlier and have more time for the problems.

  2. I had many struggles this week. First, the test. I did not do very well. However, I did as expected. The conceptual stuff and the multiple choice were really a challenge for me, and to prevent that on the next test I plan on focusing in on those aspects. Another struggle I had this week was learning about work. I am very confused about it, and I do not really understand it yet. But, I need to remember it is a concept we just started to learn and that I will figure it out eventually. I plan on practicing the problems related to work and studying it some more.

  3. S – Struggle
    One of my struggles this week was the physics test on Tuesday. I didn’t understand some of the conceptual stuff, and completely whiffed on some of the physics problems. I prepared for awhile for this test, and I did as well as I could. Although I did the best I could do, this test was a struggle for me. I didn’t have time to check anything and my discussion was very limited due to time. I will work to be quicker with my test by preparing to be fast.

  4. My struggle this week was easily the test. I understand most if not all the conceptual information, but I am having an increasingly difficult time with all of the problems. And it seems like no matter what, I can’t improve enough at any given time to keep up with the new material. But I’ll keep working harder and hopefully will prevail next semester.

  5. S-struggle

    This week was 100% a struggle. I really struggled with the test. I ended up doing decent on it, but I have really struggled with literally just finding the willpower to study and put effort into doing physics even when I don’t completely understand what’s going on. I think next time I want to spread out my studying over a longer period of time so I do not feel as overwhelmed and ask other class members for help when I am confused. I struggled with time management this week because I have been so exhausted from basketball, but hopefully this break week will be rejuvenating for me.

  6. S-Struggle
    My struggle this week was the physics test on Tuesday. The hardest part of the test for me was time management, which I did not do very well. I spent too long on some of the problems that I didn’t need to and ended up not being able to finish the discussion questions. Also, after getting the test back I saw that I struggled on the multiple choice section and need to prepare better conceptually in the future.

  7. My struggle this week would have to be the test. I think a lot of my struggles for the problems are time management and correctly showing my process for every step. I understood the conceptual things pretty well, I just need to be able to put them into practice better. I will try to work more problems next time to get faster and better at doing them.

  8. This week my struggle was the test. Preparing for it was harder than the last ones just because of how many different kinds of problems there were. I spent too much time on friction because I had struggled with it so much and put off vertical forces until study hall before class. This was reflected in my grade as well. I also could have reviewed the physics classroom activities to help me on multiple choice and not miss 4/18. I also struggled with showing work in the test. I even got one right but no credit because of my sloppy rushed work. Next time I will be sure to show every step I do even easy mental math.

  9. S – Struggle

    A struggle this week was definitely the test. I did terribly and am not sure how I will recover. I missed a few multiple choice questions that I thought I had correctly answered, and I didn’t show my work well enough to get more credit on some of the problems. I also completely confused myself on one of the discussion questions and changed my answer from the correct one to an incorrect one. To combat this struggle, I will attempt to study more and better for the next text and pray that I can someone understand what we are doing. On the bright side, a triumph I had this week was the design challenge. My group dominated both rounds. I wish that had been a test grade. 🙁

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