Physics 10-19-21 Newton’s Law of Inertia

PHYSICS: Remind me again why didn’t that pen go flying across the room instead of dropping into the bottle? Hmmm…..

So what do you reckon is the inertia of this car? Great start today relating mass to inertia! Now go forth and apply what you know to find the mass of your unknown! photo by Rodolfo Mari

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2 thoughts on “Physics 10-19-21 Newton’s Law of Inertia

  1. T-Triumph
    My triumph this week was the inertia balance lab. Liam and I were lab partners and had an extremely minute percent error. I think we had much success with the lab because we worked well with one another and also came up with a very good procedure. Our procedure allowed us to receive very consistent results from our different tests and in the end we were only 0.26g off of the actual value.

  2. This week I would rate myself a 3.5/5 stars. This week I did a good job at the inertia lab. Cooper and I were able to come up with a good plan for our lab, and we finished our lab with very low present error. I also understood for the most part how to do the equilibrium problems, but I did struggled with some of those problems when I did the homework worksheet.

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