Physics 10-5-21 More Angular Projectiles & the Monkey-Hunter Problem

PHYSICS – Great job today working through the monkey-hunter problem!

Do the problems make more sense now?Now go and tackle #36. Don’t give up on it. It’s tough, but you can do it!

If you need some inspiration – here are links to some Monkey-Hunter videos

MIT Physics Demo – Monkey and a Gun
The (Human) Monkey and the Hunter

flickr photo by Johnson Cameraface

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20 thoughts on “Physics 10-5-21 More Angular Projectiles & the Monkey-Hunter Problem

  1. A struggle I had this week was the test for sure. Even though I studied and reworked old homework problems, when I got to the test, I really struggled with how to work the different problems that we had. Some of the multiple choice were confusing as well. I would definitely say that the test was the hardest part of this week.

  2. One triumph I had this week was understanding the concepts finally. It’s taken a while to get here and I feel like I’ve had to constantly catch up to everyone else, but no matter what answers I got on the test, I am confident knowing that I went into it knowing how to do all the problems, and not just how but why.

  3. T-Triumph
    One triumph that I had this week was in time management. I was going out of town and would not be at school on Thursday so I had to take both my physics and calculus test early. I believe that I handled this well though and was able to study sufficiently for both.

  4. T-Triumph
    A triumph that I had this week was understanding concepts in problems and being able to work through them on the test. All week before I had been struggling to think through the projectile motion problems as per usual, but the night before the test something clicked and I was able to look at the problems in a new way and work them on the test even if I struggled with time. Even though I don’t know what i made on the test yet I feel different about it than the last one which should be a good sign.

  5. I would rate myself a 2/5 this week. I will give myself points purely due to the effort I put into trying to understand concepts and me not letting myself get too overwhelmed as things piled up throughout the week. However, I took away points because I know I did not do well on today’s test. I thought I prepared enough and I thought the concepts were finally clicking, but I guess the concepts themselves were not the lesson I needed to learn from our test. So, I will try not to beat myself up about it and just keep trying my best in class. Gotta keep moving forward- last 1st nine weeks is complete.

  6. S-struggle
    This week I REALLY struggled to work problems. I was desperately confused and lost on a lot of the projectile motion problems that were for homework. I eventually started to understand them a little more as we went through them in class, but next time I want to be more open with asking questions in class and talking about the problems with my classmates in order to learn how to work the problems better.

  7. S – Struggle
    This week was one of the hardest weeks thus far for this school year. Every class was trying to squeeze in one final test before the end of the quarter, and I had difficulty trying to stay on top of all my studying. Additionally, the material and concepts we were being tested over in physics were not the simplest thing; I worked many problems and tried to think outside the box to solve some from different angles, but when the test arrived, I still found it very difficult.

  8. I would rate myself a 2/5 stars this week. I’m giving myself 2 stars strictly because of the amount of time and work I put into trying to understand the problems and concepts throughout the week. However, it appears that this time and effort did not result in an equal return after taking that test. Although I prepared all week for this test and spent numerous hours working the problems and studying, I did not translate this practice to the test very well. I thought I was well prepared going into it, but obviously not. Time was a struggle for me on the test, so I guess I need to keep practicing working the problems faster.

  9. S-Struggle

    This week I struggled with time management and being mentally and physically exhausted. I had a ton of tests to take this week both current and makeup tests. However, I also had a lot of homework and makeup work to complete. I needed to find a balance between studying and completing assignments, and I did not do that well. To make matters worse, because I am so tired, it was hard to make good use of time and concentrate and be productive. I still have makeup work that I will be doing all of fall break, so I will use this opportunity to work harder and manage my time better.

  10. This week my struggle was studying for the physics test. I felt like I knew most of the conceptual things, but the problems were my weak point. Especially with the ApCal test on the same day, things just got very busy.

  11. This week a triumph I had was the rocket launch lab. Our group was able to come in with a plan with our lab that worked well, and we were able to work efficiently and finish the lab within the class period. Our percent error was minimal, and despite quite a few technical difficulties, we did a good job working together to solve problems.

  12. My triumph for this week was the test. I only increased the score by three points from last time, but it’s a big leap in the right direction. Physics is a challenging class but it’s definitely worth it.

  13. I would rate myself a 4/5 for this week. Since we took the test last week I’m not counting that towards myself for this week. During the labs this week, our group worked together well and accomplished our goal in a timely manner. Overall, it was a pretty successful week.

  14. I would rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I scored a lot better than I was anticipating on the test and my group for the rocket lab was able to get the result we wanted despite a few difficulties along the way. My design challenge group also preformed well although we did struggle to come up with a new original idea in the second challenge, but this can be worked around and fixed.

  15. My triumph for this week would be the successes our group had in the rocket launch lab. We came in with a good plan to find the resultant velocity of the launch and then used that to find our distance horizontal. Our group was able to work quickly and efficiently to find our initial velocity and we’re able to get everything setup for the final test relatively quickly as well. Our percent error was low and overall I would say our group worked well together to solve the common goal.

  16. I would rate myself a 3.5/5 for this week. I was pleasantly surprised to get my test back and see a passing grade. But, it still was not as well as i would have liked to do so I have docked myself a few points. However, throughout the rest of this week I think I have done very well. In both the rocket lab and the design challenge, I just let myself have a good time and tried not to get stressed at all. I feel like my groups communicated well through both activities and we all just did our best to achieve what we needed to. So, for that, I am very proud of myself (and my lab partners!). Overall, I would say this week was a success.

  17. Even though this week I was not there for very long, I had a lot of triumphs. Our group did really good on the rocket lab; our percent error was extremely low. This was due to amazing planning from our one group member who was at school, Elizabeth. She did a great job of finding the formulas we were going to need to find our distance horizontal. Another triumph was the test. My grade was much higher than what I thought I was going to receive, and I did A LOT better on both the multiple choice and the problems than I thought I was going to. I also had some triumphs in the Design Challenge, even though our group struggled as a whole. Once Ms. Skinner encouraged us to use EVERY item at our station, I immediately knew we could use the tape, which led to our group finally being able to transport the radioactive isotopes.

  18. T-Triumph

    A couple of triumphs I had this week were the rocket lab and the design challenge. My group for the rocket lab was able to work very well together, and we were successful very quickly. For the design challenge, my group also worked well together and barely missed first place in round 1 and then came back and won in round 2. For me in particular, my idea with the bendy straws worked so that was a triumph for round 1.

  19. S-Struggle
    This week I struggled with the first part of the design lab challenge. I believe that the hardest part for me was working in the time frame she gave us. I typically work slower so that I can spend more time on smaller details but in the change didn’t have time for this. However, I learned from my failure and will be prepared for the next design lab she presents.

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