Chemistry 9-7-21 Relationships Among Data & Homework Problems Review

CHEMISTRY – Can you believe it? We’ve finished the chapter! Here’s our lesson from today on direct and inverse proportions AND a look at the density and conversion factor problems from last night’s worksheet. More great practice for the test!

Speaking of tests, have you gone to the TEST Info tab yet? You might find something that will help a lot as you study!!!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Interactive Review Games with your online text and also the review at Great practice with both memorization, concepts and problem solving!

Help session Thursday morning, 7:30 A.M. – another great practice!

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Physics 9-3-21 Acceleration, Pt. 2 and Homework Review

PHYSICS: Speaking of sailboats, would you like to be on one right now? Good job with the derivations of acceleration formulas today! You’re doing really well with them – stay with it! Carefully examine what you know with the formulas you have that might fit. And if they don’t, examine what you do know that could lead you to what you need to know. You know? 🙂

This weekend’s problems may be a little challenging, but you can do it!! Do you need some extra practice rearranging the formulas, or just working the problems? Help session?

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Chemistry 9-3-21 Using Density

CHEMISTRY – Great work with density today. Below is the lesson from today and below that is the help session from this morning.

Great review on density concepts and problems today, and more! Remember, in chemistry we use math as a tool, therefore we might work problems a little differently in chemistry than you do in your math class.

When working these problems, don’t forget to follow the problem solving steps we discussed today:

  • Analyze – write down what you’re given and what you’re looking for
  • Plan – write a formula where you isolate the unknown on one side by itself
  • Compute – plug in your data, numbers and units; then cancel the units, and if they cancel correctly, go on to the calculator. Be sure and give your answer what the correct units.
  • Evaluate – does your answer make sense, have you used the correct units, do you have the correct sig figs?

Friday Lesson:

Friday Morning Help Session:

Chemistry 8-31-22 Conversion Factor Problems, #50, 68, 91

CHEMISTRY: How are you doing with these longer conversion factor problems? Remember, you’re not just trying to get an answer. Most importantly, you are learning to express a logical progression of thought – from one unit to another. Keep practicing until you can do it by yourself with no help!! Here’s our work on #50.68 and 91.

Hon Chemistry 9-2-21 Help Session

HON CHEMISTRY – God bless you as you prepare for your test! Here’s the help session this morning.

Remember, don’t just read your notes and memorize! You must practice your notes, practice the problems, practice the memorization!!

Also, don’t forget the Interactive Review Games with your online text and also God bless you as you study! I’ll be praying for you!!

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Physics 9-2-21 Acceleration

PHYSICS: Loved watching you “discover” acceleration yesterday! Also – love how you began deriving formulas today!! I think you’ll come to find these are a ton better than some of the velocity problems you did. List what you are given and what you’re looking for – don’t forget things like “starts from rest” and “came to a stop.” Easy peazy! Okay, maybe not that easy! 😉

Chemistry 9-1-21 Scientific Notation & Calculators

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Did you know your calculator was so smart! Here’s our short but VERY IMPORTANT look at how to correctly calculate with scientific notation on your calculator.

Have you conquered it yet? Remember you have to use the scientific notation button that is on your calculator or it will almost always give you the wrong answer!! If you can’t find the scientific notation button your calculator, text me a pic of it and I’ll help!

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