Chemistry 8-31-21 Conversion Factor HW & the Big Donut Problem

CHEMISTRY: Lots of great practice today using conversion factors! How did you do on your homework? And what about the big donut problem? If you were absent, be sure and watch this vodcast to make sure you are doing the problems correctly. You must show correct work to get credit.

HOMEWORK UPDATE for Tuesday: Only do #13- 15 tonight for homework. For now omit #58 – 60. We’ll do scientific notation in class tomorrow and I’ll assign these again later – probably for Thursday night’s homework.

Were you able to think through the longer conversion factor problems? Remember, you’re not just trying to get an answer. Most importantly, you are learning to express a logical progression of thought – from one unit to another. Keep practicing until you can do it by yourself with no help!!

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-31-21 Conversion Factor HW & the Big Donut Problem

  1. In chemistry we have been going over the metric system and units I know I will use this in the future for math related things. Also the math problems we have been doing to understand the process of how to do something or get to the answer will also be useful.

  2. In Chemistry we have been going over the metric system lately. I can apply that to my everyday life easily because sometimes I wanna know how many grams of sugar are in something sweet I’m eating. And I’m also going to use it later for math related classes.

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