Chemistry 8-30-21 Conversion Factors

CHEMISTRY: Great job with our start on using conversion factors to work problems! Hopefully this was a review from your earlier academic life. We’ll crank it up a notch tomorrow!! 😉

Remember, this isn’t just about getting an answer – some of you can do that in your head. This is about being able to convert from one unit to another using the Q-formula. (And yes, you have to do it that way!)

Make sure you practice using your notes tonight, it’ll help you remember the steps we followed today in class!


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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-30-21 Conversion Factors

  1. Why do some find completing a conversion factor satisfying? We were made in God’s image and he gave us the gift of reasoning. To be problem solvers. For me, it is satisfying because I enjoy organizing the numbers in the Q-formula. I like how neat and clean everything looks for when I go to calculate.

  2. Application: Something I have learned in chemistry to apply to my everyday life, is to not just memorize something, but to understand it. This is important, because if you just memorize something, you will eventually forget, but if you understand it you will never forget it.

  3. I find the conversion factors very useful for everyday life. It’s important and nice to have when shopping for food. For example, say you are shopping for meat. You might have to convert ounces to pounds.

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