3 thoughts on “Physics 8-27-21 Nate & Elijah Running Toward a Tree

  1. A-Application
    This week I applied what I learned from the labs we did to the homework problems that we had on Thursday night. The lab we did on Thursday was to get two different speed cars to intersect at a specific point by discovering their speed. In the homework, we had to use an already specified velocity of two different dogs to figure out where their paths intersected and how long after they started moving that the intersection would occur. Using the knowledge gained from the hands on lab, I was able to create a formula to solve the written homework.

  2. My triumph this week was studying for the quiz and then actually doing well. I was very nervous leading up to it but once I was taking it I realized that I knew what I was doing. I ended up getting an A!

    • S-Struggle
      This week I struggled with exhaustion and found myself having trouble focusing in my classes. In physics in particular, I struggled with the difficult calculations and did not even know what work to do for some of them. I am going to keep doing the homework and practicing the calculations as well as listening to how other people work problems to improve my critical thinking skills.

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