3 thoughts on “Physics 8-20-21 Ch 1 Homework Review

  1. K Tankersley C3 Topic, “Stars Web Post “- Struggle
    I have been struggling with keeping up with how to use the website and PowerSchool. This has caused me to struggle and feel behind even when I am ahead. However I have been asking friends and getting help and slowly but surely figuring out the whole process and where everything is. I have also struggled with memorization my whole life. I have been researching new ways to learn and trying new things out to try and help myself before it’s too late.

  2. I struggled this week with getting back into the swing of a school routine. After not having been in class for a while, it is definitely hard to handle all the work we are getting without being prepared. So, to try to help I am definitely going to do better at working ahead and just preparing myself as much as I can before class. Another thing I struggled with more specific to physics is conversion factors. I forgot basically everything simple that we learned in chemistry after a year, so I need to brush up on the entire SI system. I plan on doing any of the extra practices Ms. Skinner puts up or provides for us or even going back to the chemistry tab on this website and checking on the worksheets tab for any practice.

  3. This week I’m doing quite well. Having to deal with morning practices and the praise band practice, all before school. Adding that onto an already stressful week, and I think I’m doing okay. I think this weeks going to be the best one so far, especially in physics.

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