Chemistry 8-17-21 Using the Scientific Method

CHEMISTRY: Great review today of the scientific method! I know you’ve heard it for umpteen years, but it is super important that you can APPLY what you’ve learned about the scientific method.

Any questions about homework? The work from the textbook can be done with the online textbook. Follow the notes I gave you in class. Do it on notebook paper, and you can use the back of the paper. Just make sure you number listing down and not across – especially if there are a, b, etc., parts – list those down on separate lines, not across the same line. Also, skip a line between each question.

Tomorrow we’ll solve the mystery of Oobleck – using the scientific method! Fun times!! 🙂

So do animals use the scientific method? Hmmm…..

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-17-21 Using the Scientific Method

  1. My struggle in chemistry right now is trying to turn things in online. I will fix this by working hard and looking back at powerschool to figure it out.

  2. My struggle initially was overthinking how hard it would be to adjust to Chemistry due to the more extensive requirements compared to previous science classes, such as printing out the syllabus for the week and even printing out materials necessary for assignments. The way I overcame this was simply by printing some of the things I saw mentioned in the syllabus during the first week, which I quickly came to realized saved a lot of time in class. Now, if I can keep consistently checking the syllabus for things to print, I should be okay in that area this year.

  3. My struggle is making sure I’m staying on top of my homework and assignments and getting the assignments turned into the right place. I am going to print my syllabus and make sure I check the class website every night to ensure I am getting everything done the right way.

  4. This week I struggled mainly with being responsible for my own learning. For example printing out my own worksheets, labs, syllabus, etc. To overcome this I am making it a new habit to look at powerschool and the class website nightly.

  5. A Heun C4
    My struggle this week was not fully reading the instructions. For example, I didn’t turn in my mom rainbow sheet into by the beginning of class time, because I didn’t fully read step 12 on the Technology 101 assignment. I will fix it by being sure I fully read all of what I am supposed to and staying on top of my assignments.

  6. I struggled with time management because I did everything last minute instead of finishing it ahead of time. This year I am starting to finish my homework when I first get home and study for multiple days not just the day before.

  7. My initial struggle this week was working with turbot we never really used this app often and I had to refimiliarize with it.
    I’m fixing this but getting more used to the site.

  8. My struggle in chemistry right now is trying to turn things in online. I will fix this by working hard and looking back at the syllabus and making sure I am on time always.

  9. I’ve been struggling this week with working with technology for chemistry. I’ve been confused on how to work everything. Such as, setting up our google shared folders. I will overcome this my reading all directions slowly and carefully.

  10. J Robinson C2

    I struggle with turning things in online, its a big change from last year. Im going to fix this by asking questions in class and read the syllabus carefully.

  11. J Cook C2

    My main struggle this week was navigating the website and trying to find everything. As the week went by I have become more comfortable with it and able to find things.

  12. K Tankersley C3

    This week I did well on measurements and significant figures. I understood both of these due to the amount of practice I had and also due to having studied this in previous years.

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