Chemistry 5-6-21 Chapters 3A & 21 Problems Review

CHEMISTRY: God bless you as you practice for the test. Friday’s short test is only chapter 3a. Monday’s short test is only chapter 29.

Use the Chapter 3A and the 21 Stuff to Know sheet as a guide for what you are memorizing and practicing.

Here is the review of the problems from today. Bottom line? Memorize everything and practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! God bless you! I’ll be praying!!

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36 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-6-21 Chapters 3A & 21 Problems Review

  1. This week I have struggled with giving up, especially in Chemistry. I have wanted to give up and stop trying because it is coming to the end of the year. I plan to study hard and stay focus to help me get through these next couple weeks.

  2. I struggled with finding time to study for the test this week. I was able to find time to study in between classes and late at night.

  3. My struggle this week was studying for the first part of the test. I really struggle with remembering people but I excel in math so half of this chapter is easy and the other half is hard.

  4. This week I struggled with setting up my half-life report and answering the questions at the end. I used the lab example sheet on the website to set up my lab. I used my notes, the book, and the video covering the graph on the website to help me answer the questions.

  5. My struggle this week was studying for the test. I was having trouble memorizing the people and what they did. But I overcame that struggle by making flash cards and writing them over and over until I could say them off the top of my head.

  6. My struggle was learning how to study for the test. The hardest thing to study was the half life problems. To overcome my struggle I will watch the vodcast.

  7. This week I struggled on being prepared for the test. To overcome this struggle, I will study longer and practice problems to be ready for the next tests.

  8. This week I struggled with managing my time. I wasn’t able to properly study for everything I needed to. I will fix this by allocating more if my free time for homework.

  9. This week I struggled with staying focused in class and studying but I was able to stay focused long enough to study and do good on my test

  10. This week I’ve struggled to keep my motivation up. In order to fix this I will keep working hard and get ahead any chance I get.

  11. My struggle this week was balancing studying for chemistry with after school sports. I will plan better and also plan better for studying in the future.

  12. This week I struggled with understanding the problems and I will do problems this weekend to try to understand how to do them.

  13. this week i struggled with figuring out how to work the problems. i tried to fix it by working practice problems before the test.

  14. This week I struggled with studying for the test. I kept putting it off to the last night which affected me greatly. I hope to fix this by pushing myself harder in the last few weeks.

  15. My struggle this week was being prepared for the test. I didn’t study like I should. I will prepare better for the next test.

  16. This week I struggled with staying motivated to study for the test this week. With the chaos of spring madness, I’m becoming burnt out on school very fast and I was simply not in the mood to be overwhelmed by yet another test that I’m probably not going to do very well on. I guess to fix this I’ll try to remain motivated and remember that life may be chaotic and extremely stressful right now, but God is in control and if I trust Him then I don’t need to be anxious because I can find peace in Him.

  17. My struggle this week was procrastinating for studying for the test. Next time I will plan ahead and split up my studying.

  18. I struggled with staying motivated to study and stay away from procrastinating. But come time for the exam, I’ll be ready.

  19. This week I struggled to find motivation to study and do my homework. With summer being so near, it hasn’t been easy for my to focus on finishing strong. I will overcome this by reminding myself that there’s only a little while longer to go, and setting study times to keep myself accountable.

  20. This week I struggled with staying urgent to study for my test. It is the end of the school but I have to change that and finish chemistry strong. I will have to stay urgent in chemistry and finish out strong for the test on Monday.

  21. This week I struggled with finding time to study for the test due to sports. I plan to do better in the future by setting aside more time and not pushing everything to the last minute.

  22. My struggle has honestly been with anxiety. Like the closer we get to summer its like the more pressure I feel to do everything perfectly. I need to stay calm and work on being focused. It’s okay to make a bad grade, but it’s important to learn from it instead of just being devastated.

  23. this week I struggled with remembering all the scientists and all of the laws and theory’s for the test I also struggled with knowing how to find atomic mass. I plan on reviewing over how to work out all the problems and do more practices the online book offers

  24. my struggle for this week was remembering all of the scientists and what they did. There were a lot of things to memorize and memorization was not my strong suit this week. I will fix that by going back and studying harder and making sure I can distinguish them.

  25. My struggle this week was waiting until the last minute to study for the test. I had trouble remembering all of the scientists because I crammed it all in. To overcome this, I will start studying earlier to remember things better.

  26. My struggle this week was managing my time and and procrastination on studying for this test. I will fix this by managing my time this weekend to get ready for chapter 22 test on Monday.

  27. My struggle this week was finding time to study for the test. Since school is coming to an end i just want to give up and not try but i will fix this by saving time to study and focusing on what i’m learning instead of just going through the motions.

  28. This week my struggle was keeping track of all the chemistry work I had to do. I needed to study for the test, write a lab report, and redo missing homework which sort of stressed me out. I can fix this by staying more on top of things as they go.

  29. My struggle this week was putting stuff off. I waited too long to do the lab report and could have spent more time studying for the test. This is a very fixable problem, I just have to manage my time better.

  30. My struggle this week staying caught up on homework because my mind I just already about of school. To combat this I went back to my old method of setting up an alarm clock system so that I would give myself certain amount of times to work and because of that I was able to complete all my homework for this week.

  31. My struggle this week was how to study for both parts of the test equally to acomplish this I studied a fair amount each night.

  32. This week I struggled with staying motivated to studying and completing all of my assignments. I will work on being more motivated so I can finish out the year better.

  33. This week I struggled with staying on track with homework because I haven’t been feeling well. I will hopefully start to feel better next week.

  34. MY LAST WEBPOST!!!!!!!!!!
    As a person chemistry has grown me a lot and definitely have learned some things about myself. I have learned not to procrastinate as much. I have learned there are other ways I learn besides Quizlet. This grew me to learn that chemistry is hard but its a little easier if I push myself. For the upcoming chemistry students, my advice would be to work hard, and not procrastinate, especially on the project. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Webpost’s and other homework is most of the grades you have in powerschool. Not only will this keep your grade from tanking, but your tests grades will be much better. I would’ve learned better if there was review during the lessons like we have before tests. Sometimes the units can be long and a check-in would help make sure everyones on track! Thank you Ms Skinner for teaching me so well (even with the many failures I had along the way)

  35. The final webpost? What? No way, that’s crazy bro. Anyways this year was pretty epic besides the fact that I somehow managed to not exactly do so good on most of the tests.
    1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?

    To be honest, chemistry made me actually study for tests and quizzes since most of the chemistry tests weren’t exactly the easiest. I learned that I procrastinate way more than I should…

    2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?

    My advice for the youngsters would be to actually study and never underestimate Ms. Skinners chemistry class (I learned that the hard way).

    3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

    I’d say cut down on all the long bookwork homeworks, but all jokes aside, there isn’t really anything that I can think of that would make learning chemistry better.

    All in all, chemistry was great except for the long, tedious assignments (for legal reasons, that was a joke).

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