Chemistry 5-5-21 Nuclear Decay – The Physics Classroom Practice

CHEMISTRY: Today you’ll be practicing nuculear decay equations at The Physics Classroom.

Do the Apprentice, Master, and Wizard levels of the Concept Builder called Nuclear Decay. If you don’t finish in class, the rest of the assignment is for homework and is due at 8:00 A.M. Friday morning.

Be sure and write the equations for Level 3 on notebook paper. It will take you tons more time if you try to do it in your head!!

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4 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-5-21 Nuclear Decay – The Physics Classroom Practice

  1. This week, I’ve struggled with budgeting my time properly to make sure I have enough time to study but also get my work done. To improve my time budgeting, I will try to schedule out my work for the week and be sure to use my extra time getting work done in advance.

  2. This week I struggled with understanding the calculations for half-life. I’ve started to understand it more and more but I still need to work on it more so I’ll have to do practice problems.

  3. My struggle in chemistry recently has been keeping up with everything and pushing myself to finish strong at the end of the school year.

  4. This week I struggled with knowing what to study for this test. I looked at the stuff to know sheet and looked over my notes to help understand this chapter.

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