Hon Chemistry 5-4-21 Periodic Trends, Pt. 2 & Chemical Bonds

HON CHEMISTRY: Here’s the last of the trends – not car trends, periodic trends! 2nd ionization energy, electron affinity, ionic radii, and electronegativity. Whew!

Now on to the next chapter and welcome to chemical bonds! How did you do on using electronegativity to determine bond type? Make sure you add the scale to your “things I have to memorize and know how to use for the test” list.

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4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 5-4-21 Periodic Trends, Pt. 2 & Chemical Bonds

  1. I have been struggling with my makeup work. I was worried that I would become overwhelmed with keeping up with the current chapter, and preparing for the test I need to make up, but I have been okay. I am working each day on catching up on work and doing what needs to get done to overcome the mountain of work that I need to accomplish.

  2. This week I have struggled with organization. There have been so many notes to take for this chapter, and I feel as if my notes are all over the place. To fix this, I’m going to gather my notes together and reorganize them so I know where everything is.

  3. My struggle this week was procrastinating with my homework and keeping up with all the notes and new information this week. I’m go fix this by making sure I keep all the new information organized in my notes to be easy to read and keeping a set time to do my chem homework so I will not procrastinate longer.

  4. This week I have been struggling with doing my homework. Since we where doing two chapters I kept on doing the wrong chapter for homework.

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