Hon Chemistry 5-4-21 Electron Affinity, Ionic Radii & Electronegativity

HON CHEMISTRY: So you’re saying, not only are there atoms that want to get rid of electrons, there are atoms that want to take them? Here’s a picture of chlorine taking an electron from sodium – or sodium giving an electron to chlorine. I’ll let you decide!

Image source http://theorielerenonline.nl/kosher-salt-picture/

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4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 5-4-21 Electron Affinity, Ionic Radii & Electronegativity

  1. I have been struggling with motivation to finish this year out and finish my assignment in classes. I will try to overcome this struggle by trying to remind myself if I don’t get stuff done my grades will drop and I’ll regret it later.

  2. Recently, my struggle has been trying to push through the last few weeks of schoolwork considering the many things I have going on. Although I have been understanding everything being taught, my motivation has been slowly dropping. To fix this, I will keep developing motivation and give the last few weeks of school all the effort that I can put in.

  3. This week I have struggled with motivation for doing my hw this week in chemistry. To solve this, I did my homework ahead of time before I left school.

  4. This week, I struggled with keeping my notes organized. Since we had a full week of lectures, my notes have been all over the place. However, I plan on rewatching the vodcasts this weekend to help me reorganize my notes, and by doing this, I will also be able to further understand how to draw Lewis structures, which has been another struggle of mine.

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