Chemistry 4-22-21 Properties of Radioactive Isotopes

CHEMISTRY: So ordinarily it looks like just any old hunk of rock, but this is a picture of uranium ore under UV light. Pretty cool, huh?!? Here’s our beginning discussion of the unique properties of radioactive nuclides. And as a bonus, this vodcast has a head start at looking at nuclear equations. Woohoo!!

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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 4-22-21 Properties of Radioactive Isotopes

  1. From the Lost Project I learned there is more to surviving in the wild. it is much more intricate than perceived.

  2. I learned the importance of planning for any outdoors excursion for survival. I also learned the useage of chemistry in survival, in ways I hadn’t seen before.

  3. This week I rate myself a 3/5. It’s been a pretty good week overall but I feel like I could have done better with my time management, I’m excited for Rube!

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