Physics – Another Look at Simple Harmonic Motion & Pendulums

PHYSICS: Our discussion of pendulums seems to have disappeared, so here are a few old vodcasts on simple harmonic motion that might help. The first vodcast below concentrates on spring. The second concentrates on pendulums. The third is a look at an old spring problem.

Simple Harmonic Motion & Springs

Photo by Becca Romine on Unsplash

Simple Harmonic Motion & the Pendulum

flickr photo by sudip

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6 thoughts on “Physics – Another Look at Simple Harmonic Motion & Pendulums

  1. This week, I rate myself a 3/5. The egg lab was a big struggle until Mallory had a break through and could explain the concepts. I did not understand until she got it and explained it. Now I feel comfortable explaining the concepts in a discussion question. I hadn’t thought about the energies until she mentioned them, and it made the problem a lot easier. The lab was frustrating, but when we dropped the egg and it didn’t hit the floor, it quickly was very fun. I’m very proud of us for conquering the lab! I am feeling a little nervous about our test. I should have studied for it a lot sooner than I did, but I didn’t feel like it was a lot of information. After studying, I still don’t feel like it’s a lot of information, but that worries me. Overall, this week has felt very very long, and we still have two more days.

  2. This week I rate myself a 3.5/5. Understanding how to do the bungee jumping egg lab was a struggle for me, especially since I was absent the day that my group understood it. This week has been good because I understood the concepts for this chapter and was more prepared for the test than I usually am. The test went well, but I still feel like I missed a few key points. I hope that my grade is good since I prepared and studied more for this test. Overall, this week has been good, but I am ready for the weekend.

  3. I rate myself a 2.5 out of 5 this week. I was not able to understand the bungee jump lab, and the design challenge we did today was definitely a struggle for me. I started studying earlier for the test than I usually do, and I think it definitely paid off on the multiple choice (or at least I hope it did). However, I was not expecting the bungee jumping egg to be a problem on the test, so I was not prepared for it, and I was not able to solve it. Overall, it has been a very mentally and physically exhausting week, and I am in desperate need of the weekend.

  4. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I feel like I did really well on my test, and I really enjoyed the egg drop lab. It was difficult at first, but once I understood it, we were able to do really well. I also had a great time with our design challenge, and I am proud of how close we were to the 3 minute mark. I am proud of myself for being able to push through my senioritis and make it through this week!

  5. I would like to rate myself a 4/5 this week. I’m glad that the week has been a bit more relaxed compared to last week. I feel that I did very well on the test. I also think that we did well on our labs. I just need to get my labs done.

  6. I rate myself a 2/5 this week. I’ve had such little motivation or energy this week I’ve felt like my head was underwater. The first few days of the egg drop lab were really difficult for me but I think i understand how to solve it now. I don’t know how to feel about the test. I started studying earlier but the smaller amount of information made me feel like i was forgetting something each time i studied. I hope I did well though. I also hope next week will be better.

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