Hon Chemistry 4-7-21 Electron Configuration Homework & Practice

HON CHEMISTRY: Here’s the lesson for Wednesday. Today is a short review day for electron notations. Pay close attention to the period, block, group, type parts!

Have you checked out the Chapter 4 Stuff to Know Sheet? The test is right around the corner! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations. Did I mention that already?

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13 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 4-7-21 Electron Configuration Homework & Practice

  1. I have been struggling with keeping up in this chapter. I have gotten very behind so I am working towards catching back up. I am planning to rewatch the vodcasts and do practice problems in order to be prepared for the test.

  2. This week I have struggled with time management. With the due date of the project rapidly approaching, the usual stress of school, and extracurricular activities, I have allowed myself to get overwhelmed. To fix this, I plan to work diligently so that I do not get behind, and I will work ahead as much as possible to prevent myself from having to stress about things later.

  3. This week I struggled with remembering certain parts of the chapter and not making time for project research due to starting homework late. To fix this problem, I am reading through my notes and the online book, and I have begun to start homework much earlier as to get the maximum amount of research done.

  4. This week I struggle doing my chemistry project. I still am not done with all my research and I have not pick all ten of my items and thought about written. I will work on my project the weekend to chase up.

  5. This week I have two struggles. One of them being the chemistry project and while I have been working on it everyday I have not been putting the time in that I need for it. My other struggle is making sure to study for the test so I will not be overwhelmed since it is a bigger chapter. Hopefully this weekend I can be efficient and catch up on both studying and doing my project.

  6. This week my struggle really revolves around the project and my time management. I should’ve worked on my project more this week and since I didn’t I really have to buckle down this weekend. To work on that, I will be more efficient with other work to allow time for the project and catching up more. I hope to get started on the “pen and paper” part this weekend and slowly but efficiently stay on top of things.

  7. This week, my struggle has been being a tad bit behind on my chemistry project research due to the many other things that occurred this week. This weekend, I will take all my free time to research different things for the project to get ahead.

  8. My struggle this week was getting preliminary research done for my project. When I would get my homework done, would be too tired to do any research. To fix this, I did some research on Wednesday when I did not have as much homework. I will also try to get more homework done early, that way I’m not too tired to do the research.

  9. This week my struggle has been finding time to study and work on my project. I am very busy during the week because I have practice and get home late and I still have a lot of homework’s to do. I am going to work a lot this weekend and try to get ahead and will also try to find time next week to work on it.

  10. This week my struggle has been time management, especially with this project dividing my time into project time, extracurricular time, and time for my other classes has been quite the hassle. However I plan on learning from this experience by seeing these big things like projects coming up and trying to get ahead especially in school work as much as possible and organize and schedule my time to help me even things out bettter.

  11. This week, I struggled with allowing myself to fall behind in studying for the test and working on my project. With the project due soon, it will be especially crucial for me to manage my time efficiently and work diligently. I am going to dedicate this weekend to solely working on my project and to getting a head start on studying. Also, I will work on the project during the week despite how tired I may be.

  12. This week, I struggled with balancing my time with the project and the upcoming test. Because of the increased workload, it was easy for me to feel overwhelmed and neglect one of them. To fix this, I will set designated checkpoints to switch gears as I work on each thing so I do not work too long on one and forget about the other.

  13. This week, my struggle was managing my time between the project, the test, Hello Dolly, and other subjects. I plan to fix this by sitting down and writing out a plan for me to follow that allots time to each individual area, such as the project and test.

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