9 thoughts on “Physics 3-26-21 Simple Harmonic Motion & Springs

  1. This week, I rate myself a 4/5. I struggled with the Rube Goldberg blueprint because it was hard for me to come up with ideas. But once I came up with ideas, it was easier to put the ideas together into steps. The human density lab was definitely the highlight of the week. The water was very cold, but it was a great conceptual review from the beginning of the year. Today’s lesson was good, and I understood all of the concepts better than I usually do. Overall, it was a great week for physics!

  2. I gotta give myself a 3/5 for this week. The only two things that really happened this week are the human density lab and the Rube Goldberg machine project assignment. My blueprint was a beautiful collaboration of my family members’ random ideas. In case you were curious, Mickey Mouse was escaping the IRS.

  3. This week I rate myself 4/5. The notes at the beginning of the week were good. I didn’t have much trouble with the homework. I was glad we got two nights to do it because it was more problem than normal. I was also glad we didn’t have a Science in the News due this week. The lab yesterday was good conceptually, but because we didn’t finish and our whole lab group wasn’t at school, I’m glad we have another day to complete it. I definitely think we will finish on Tuesday.

  4. I rate myself a 3.5/5 this week. This week has felt really weird because we had Tuesday and now Friday off, but I am very grateful for the time off! The notes we did at the beginning of the week weren’t too difficult, but I definitely need to go over it all again to make sure I don’t forget what we learned! I am really looking forward to Easter and to our extra days off!

  5. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I understood the notes we took this week, but I plan to go back over them to fully understand the “why” behind it. The labs we did this week were fun, but the bungee jumping egg was difficult to try to accomplish. I was grateful to have Tuesday and Friday off this week because I needed a break. I am excited to continue learning this chapter next week, but I am ready to graduate and for summer vacation.

  6. This week I’d rate myself a 4/5. The notes at the beginning of this week weren’t too bad conceptually but I will be sure to look overtime so I don’t have trouble next week or later on. The labs this week were okay, I’m hoping my group will have an epiphany about the egg lab. Todays lab was okay. Having the day off Tuesday was weird but appreciated. The upcoming long weekend is also appreciated.

  7. This week I would rate myself a 2/5. I don’t really know why I feel like I deserve this rating, but this is what I think it should be. This week has been absolutely insane with off days, sick-days, and everything in between. I think I only get a 2/5 this week because I feel like very little of my brain power has been dedicated to physics. Everything is so crazy right now that this week has become a blur, especially when it comes to schoolwork. Hopefully next week will be better.

  8. I don’t know how to rate myself this week, considering I have been at school for only 2 days. I guess I’ll rate myself 4/5 this week. Harmonic motion is okay, but I’m not looking forward to making up the lab. I can’t wait to finish the egg drop lab. Elbow

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