Chemistry 3-3-21 Stoichiometry Homework Review

CHEMISTRY: So how did you do with the stoichiometry problems on your own? Do you find that working these problem is kind of like following a map – and making sure you have the right passport before you try to get in to the next country?!

Good job today! Here’s our look at some of the problems from homework last night. Be sure and get the answers at the beginning so you can go back and work these problems and more to practice for the test!

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39 thoughts on “Chemistry 3-3-21 Stoichiometry Homework Review

  1. This week I struggled with being prepared for class. To do better, I will take better notes and stay on top of my homework.

  2. This week I struggled with understanding stoichiometry and the way if learned to do it is by watching the vodcast multiple times

  3. This week I struggled with doing my homework on time when I had the best time to do it. I would procrastinate until late in the night then rush it and it would take forever. I am working to fix this by focusing on doing my work earlier.

  4. This week I struggled with overlooking the small details. I understand stoichiometry fairly well, but I was going so fast on the homework that I missed small things. I will fix this by going back and re-checking each step and going slower while working out the problems.

  5. this week i struggled with taking my time on the stoichiometry and looking out for careless mistakes on my homework. to be better i won’t procrastinate as much so i have more time to focus on the problems.

  6. This week I struggled with making careless mistakes on the stoichiometry problems to fix the mistakes I checked over my work several times and made sure I completed each step before going to the next problem.

  7. This week I struggled with making careless mistakes and realizing when doing the mass you didn’t need to multiply it by the coefficient in the balanced equation. But throughout the week I have gotten a lot better with it.

  8. I struggled with lab reports because i could not get them down even if i thought i did good. I asked Mrs.skinner what i could do to make my lab reports better and she told me how and why. I also pay more attention to the lab directions

  9. I struggled with getting the molar mass. I struggled with it because I kept multiplying it by the coefficient and messing up my answers. Im going to fix this by doing practice problems to get used to not multiplying it by the coefficient.

  10. This week I struggled with my lab report. I struggled with it because I did not put all of the necessary information at first and had to go back and fix it. I plan to fix this by paying closer attention to the format sheet.

  11. In the past week, I have struggled with my lab reports as if I did not have enough information and even when I thought I had enough, I was still missing a lot of content. I plan on fixing my mistakes by looking at the lab report manuscript and typing more things down on my procedure and observations.

  12. This week I struggled with finding motivation to do my lab report ahead of time. I planned to do it, but kept putting it off. To address this, I will do lab reports at a consistent rate over several days instead of all at once.

  13. this week i struggled with trying to get all of my work done on time. To fix this i will make more time for myself to complete my work and get it done on time

    • My struggle this week was learning stoichiometry and setting up the problems, a good way to fix this would be for me to go back and watch a video and practice more.

  14. The week I struggle on not waiting for the last minute to do my homework and rushing on it. To fix it, I should give myself plenty of time to do my homework.

  15. This week I struggled with using the Q Formula correctly for stoichiometry, specifically with knowing which numbers to put on top or bottom. I plan to continue improving with this by doing the homework and practice problems on my own.

  16. This week I struggled with stoichiomistry but as we kept doing it my understanding of it got better and better

  17. This week I struggled with the time it took me to complete the problems this week. I will plan to practice and hone my skills until I can do these problems accurately and quick.

  18. I struggled with stoichiometry this week. It was hard to remember some of the smaller details. I will make sure to take descriptive notes and participate in class so I can have an easier time.

  19. My struggle this week was getting sleep and with not getting a lot of sleep my notes were not as good and paying attention on class was harder hopefully next week will be better

  20. This week, I’ve struggled with making careless mistakes and not taking enough time to properly work out problems. To fix this, I will try to reason through problems using logic instead of just rushing through them and take things slower.

  21. My struggle this week was that I didn’t get to go to the lesson today because I had to do the play. I will solve this by watching the vodcast and talking with people who were in class.

  22. My struggle was doing well on my test. I will study harder and no procrastinate studying for the next test.

  23. My struggle was the lesson we learned today because it didn’t make much sense to me. I’m going to overcome this by myself arching the video and looking back over my notes. I will also do some practice problems

  24. This week I struggled by turning my lab in to psl but forgetting to turn it in to turnitin. I will fix this bad habit by setting reminders every time I have a lab in the future to remind me to turn it in to turnitin as well.

  25. My struggle right now is my grade and trying to bring it back up. It’s not where I want it to be right now and it’s been tough trying to bring it back. This next week before spring break is my chance to fix it by studying and working harder.

  26. My struggle this week was making careless mistakes on my test and my homework problems. To overcome this, I will double check my work to make sure I did it right.

  27. My struggle this week was picking out a struggle. This whole chapter has been difficult for me to understand and keep caught up on. It’s all been a struggle for me. I’m going to stay on top of my work and study more and ask for more help because I am strugglinnnnn

  28. My struggle this week was putting the problems into scientific notation since I had not done it in a while. To fix this I am going to find my old notes and review them.

  29. My struggle for this week was the test. I know I could have done better and it bothers me that I missed things on questions that I should have known. To fix this, I will put extra effort into my study time to increase my understanding and pull my grade up.

  30. This week I struggled with being attentive in class . To fix this I will talk problems out loud and take more notes.

  31. This week I struggled with participating in class and zoning out. I will try to pay more attention and take better notes

  32. This week I struggled with making sure I had all my assignments done and I’m going to start setting a reminder to make sure I get it done.

  33. My struggle this week was making sure my answers had the correct sig figs because it’s been a little while since I have practiced. I will look over my notes on sig figs and make sure I understand.

  34. I struggled with my lab report. I plan on fixing it many talking to ms Skinner and looking at the example she made for us

  35. I rate myself a 3/5 stars this 9 weeks. I have done much better than the last 2 9 weeks and have done better with chemical formulas and memorization.

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