Chemistry 2-24-21 Making Gases Pre-Lab

CHEMISTRY: Here’s our very short look at the positive tests for carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen gases for the experiment: Making and Testing for Gases. If you were absent on Wednesday, be sure and watch this vodcast – it’s required before you can do the lab. Make sure you have shown me the three balanced equations you’ll need for the experiment. I think you’ll have lots of fun with this one. 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-24-21 Making Gases Pre-Lab

  1. I triumphed with studying for the test. I spent a good amount of time studying the rules and practicing the review games to make sure I was ready for the test. I will make sure to study this way again if it worked and I made a good grade.

  2. I triumphed over this test that we took and spent a lot of time studying polyatomic ion and acids plus the 17 rules to ensure they were stuck to my brain

  3. My triumph this week was making a 90 on the 17 chemical reactions quiz. I did good on the quiz because I studied ahead of time and only made a mental mistake.

  4. I triumph this week on the chemical reaction quiz and test. I spent extra time and didn’t wait till last minute to study.

  5. My triumph this week is studying well for my test this week. This is my triumph because I learned better and I’m pretty sure I did well.

  6. I triumphed over the chemical reactions test and finished the lab without many complications I studied for the chemical reactions harder than usual and I made sure i knew the lab

  7. My triumph this week was understanding the lab and doing it without failure and that i feel like i did better on the test than i thought

  8. My triumph this week was how well I prepared myself for the test, and how well I believe I did on the test, I studied a lot more and I feel a lot better about the material and I did my personal best. Therefore, I believe my triumph this week was how well I studied and how well i prepared myself for the test.

  9. This week I had triumphed over studying for the test and felt like I did pretty good on the test. I did better this week studying because I changed up my methods of studying. This week I started studying two days before the tests and tried my best not to procrastinate while I was studying.

  10. My triumph in chemistry for this week was completing the lab with my lab partner. We tested for Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide; each test went perfectly. We followed the directions from the board and did a good job. Another triumph would be my test. I studied very hard for it and I feel very confident that I will make a good grade on it.

  11. My triumph for this week was understanding the lab before I actually did it and stayed prepared. We talked about it in class the day before and I went home and corrected my balanced equations we did in class for the lab.

  12. My triumph for this week is that I and my lab partner finished the lab quickly and efficiently. I understood what was going on and we set ourselves up to get the lab write up done quickly.

  13. My triumph for this week was that I was easily able to understand the concepts of the chapter, and I was able to efficiently apply and practice them on the associated homework.

  14. My triumph for this week was that my partner and I were able to complete our lab quickly and efficiently. We usually have to rush to clean up our lab station and make it to class on time, but we were able to leave at the bell this week.

  15. My triumph for this week was in my lab for this week, I believe I was able to truly understand the purpose and direction of the lab. I also was able to observe every reaction, and I believe I excelled on the test, but I am unsure as of yet.

  16. This week I triumphed at taking two test this week and feeling good about both of them I accomplished this by Studying hard and understanding the material

  17. My triumph for this week was how I prepared for the test. I went over all of our notes and made sure to read through the textbook. I also worked multiple practice problems and used the interactive review on the textbook website.

  18. My triumph for this week is studying and preparing for the test and I feel like I did good on it. I worked problems and did the review games.

  19. My triumph for this week was that I stayed on top of my assignments even though we were online and I was absent. I realized that it was possible to get behind so I made sure I was on top of it.

  20. This week I triumphed by studying days in advance for my test and be able to practice many problems. This helped me feel confident about my test.

  21. My triumph this week was feeling good about the test we just took. The way this happened was studying days before and studying hard. I hope to do this on the next upcoming tests.

  22. My triumph this week was paying attention in class and studying hard for the test. I practiced all the review games and felt like I did better than usual on the test.

  23. My triumph this week was feeling more confident about my test. Hopefully the grade matches my confidence. I studied pretty well and really felt like I understood this lesson.

  24. I triumphed this week with the lab. We were able to finish all the labs really quick, allowing us plenty of time to redo them for fun, while also getting plenty of notes along the way.

  25. My triumph this week was the memorization of the 17 reactions. I have always had a terrible time with memorizing, but this time I made good flashcards and went over them again and again. Overall, I feel like I’m learning how to study well.

  26. My triumph this week was feeling pretty good about how I did on my test and I accomplished this by studying a couple days before and not procrastinating.

  27. My triumph this week in chemistry was my confidence in taking my chemistry test. I felt like I did better since I studied by writing the rules over and over. Studying this way helped me retain all the information.

  28. My triumph this week was feeling good on my chemistry test and I accomplished this by practicing chemical formulas and studying the different chemical reactions

  29. My triumph for this week would be taking all the notes I need to and doing the lab well and doing good on my SITN assignment.

  30. My triumph of the week was that on one of the chemical equations during our lab without having to use my notes I remembered that to speed the process up we needed a catalyst.

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