Hon Chemistry 2-23-21 Properties of Radioactive Isotopes & Radioactive Decay

HON CHEMISTRY: Can you guess what it is?/ It’s a picture of uranium ore under UV light. Cool, huh! Here’s the lecture for Tuesday on the properties of radioactive nuclides and the types of radioactive decay.

How’d you like writing writing nuclear equations to represent radioactive decay? Maybe a tad bit easier than writing chemical equations? Don’t forget to memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), positrons, neutrons, and protons. Not nearly as bad as polyatomic ions?!?

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5 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 2-23-21 Properties of Radioactive Isotopes & Radioactive Decay

  1. This week I successfully started out with a written plan of what I am going to do regarding chemistry. To clarify, I sat down, made a few charts and lists detailing specific plans regarding watching old vodcasts, creating a self-study guide, devoting time to reading the chapter, getting a headstart on homework, playing review games, running through my notes, and not waiting to do my web post.

  2. This week, my triumph was that I was making sure that I knew all of the information taught and I knew the “why” behind it. I also made sure I cleared all of my confusion out of the way to fully ensure that I understood the content. Furthermore, I hope that doing this will help me study and prepare for the test on Tuesday.

  3. My triumph this week has been planning ahead for the test. I have been going through the stuff to know list and working towards mastering each topic. I hope to be able to organize my study info enough so that it won’t take me as long to study over the weekend and Monday night.

  4. My triumph this week was going back and watching the vodcasts to get better at understanding balancing nuclear equations and solving half life problems. Because of this I was able to complete homework more efficiently and have time to do extra problems to practice for the test.

  5. My triumph was being able to fully understand the concepts we learned in class this week and being able to work half-life and nuclear equation problems correctly. I accomplished this by taking efficient and detailed notes, and if I missed a point, I rewatched the vodcasts to fully grasp the concept. This, along with preparing for the test in advance, will hopefully be very beneficial for me on the upcoming test on Tuesday.

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