Chemistry 1-13-21 Percent Composition & Empirical Formulas

CHEMISTRY: So, would you like to be Greg on CSI? Great review of percent composition and good job with the beginnings of empirical formulas today!

Let’s crank it up a notch tomorrow! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-13-21 Percent Composition & Empirical Formulas

  1. I was triumphant in finding the mass of sugar and labeling everything correctly because it was easy once I figured out how to work it.

  2. This week in class I did really good on working out the math problems because I payed attention in class and learned from my mistakes.

  3. This week in chemistry I triumphed over percent composition and paying attention in class. To triumph I did my homework before last minute and was participating in class.

  4. My triumph this week has been understanding how to do the math problems and not getting them mixed up since we have learned a lot.

  5. My triumph this week is understanding percent composition and being able to use it right when I was doing my homework.

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