Chemistry 12-3-20 Chemical Formulas Review… Again

CHEMISTRY: Today you’ll be practicing chemical compound names and formulas at a site called The Physics Classroom. Here’s what you need to do

•  Register as a student at The Physics Classroom. Click on My Account at
•  Ask me for the Class Code. Be careful with your password – you will need to enter it twice.
•  Click on Tasks and Courses to open your assigned activities. Read all the directions on the activity page.
•  Hint: Write these on notebook paper as you go through the questions to help build the layers of learning in your brain!!

Do the Apprentice, Master, and Wizard levels of the Concept Builder called Names to Formulas 1. If you don’t finish in class, the rest of the assignment is for homework and is due at 8:00 A.M. Friday morning.

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18 thoughts on “Chemistry 12-3-20 Chemical Formulas Review… Again

  1. Q. What is the exceptions of Oxygen according to the oxidation rules?
    A. If it is combined with Fluorine it is +2 and if it is in Peroxide it is -1.

  2. Q: What kind of polymer would be best suited to retain water in a warm environment?
    A: A cross-linked polymer would be the best because water molecules will stay inside the wells formed by the cross-links. This type of polymer would also be best because it is thermosetting and will not melt in a hot environment like a thermoplastic one will.

  3. Q: Why would sodium polyacrylate be useful in electrical cables?
    A: Sodium polyacrylate can absorb up to 800 times its weight in water, so it could be useful in absorbing water in and around the cable to protect the cable from any harm.

  4. Q: When you have a prefix in a name, do you put a charge with it?
    A: No. If there is a prefix, you don’t put a charge.

  5. q: Which type of rubber is the best for making tires, natural rubber or vulcanized rubber? Why?
    a: Natural rubber is a linear polymer, so when it is under hot conditions, the bonds will break, conforming itself to the road. However, vulcanized rubber is natural rubber cross-linked with sulfur. Therefore, with its rigid bonds, it has the ability to retain its shape under hot conditions, making it the best material for tires.

  6. Q: What is the difference between styrofoam and polystyrene?

    A: Styrofoam is an expanded foam form of polystyrene. Though the name is trademarked as “styrofoam”, it is the term for closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam.

  7. Q: Why would the percent composition of oxygen in carbon dioxide not be twice as much as the percent composition of oxygen in carbon monoxide?

    A: Percent composition is determined and calculated by the mass of each component rather than the number of atoms/moles of each component.

    • q- what 2 elements are included in transition metals that have more than the one charge?
      a- silver and zinc

      i got the other one wrong lol whoops

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