Hon Physics 11-5-20 Friction Forces on an Angle Pt 2

PHYSICS: Here’s our look at some of the friction at an angle problems – the ones where you don’t know enough. Also pushing a block on the ceiling – and a life lesson about painting ceilings.

Image source: https://www.fivestarpainting.com/images/blog/shutterstock_25026505.jpg

Chemistry 11-5-20 Graphing Exercise 1 Recap

CHEMISTRY: How’d you do with your Google Sheets or Excel graphs yesterday? Make double dog sure you followed the instructions that I gave you in the video. I won’t accept your graph if you didn’t! Below is our overview of good and bad graphs – great stuff to check your graphs with!!

Today I’ll be checking your rough draft of Graph J in class. While you are waiting, you can be working Graph K or getting a head start on the questions for the Graphing Exercise 1. Questions must be typed, but Question A can be scanned.Have you thought about how you are going to answer question A? Could you use what you know about scanning??? Hmmm…..

And now, it’s time to put it all together! IMPORTANT: Check the project sheets for the exact order of how you turn in everything!! After you assemble everything in a doc, then make sure the heading and title are correct on the first page (do this like you would a lab report). Finally, you’ll save it as a PDF and turn it in two both your Google Drive Shared folder and turnitin.com.

It must be submitted by this Friday, November 6, 8:00 A.M. Again, check the Project sheets for the exact order of how you turn in everything!!ame>