Chemistry 10-19-20 Classifying Matter, Pt 2 and Energy, Pt 2

CHEMISTRY: So if I gave you an unknown substance, could you begin to ask yourself questions to determine what type of matter it is? Could you design an experiment to find out? And which has more heat – a burning match or an ice burg? So many ways to apply what you know today!!

And wow!! The paper cup with water did not burn! Why? Today we finished notes on the classification of matter and we also finished notes on energy. So why did the paper cup with water not burn in the flame? Wow! And why? Hmmmm……

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

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6 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-19-20 Classifying Matter, Pt 2 and Energy, Pt 2

  1. If water is evaporated to become a gas, was energy added or taken away?
    Energy was added because the substance was heated.

  2. What type of energy is being used?
    Kinetic Energy (KE = 1/2mv^2)
    What type of energy is waiting to be used?
    Potential Energy (PE = mgh)

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