Chemistry 10-16-20 Classification of Matter, Pt. 1

CHEMISTRY: Here’s a mixture that looks like it might be worth investigating – bacon caramel popcorn! I mean, I like bacon and I like caramel popcorn, but bacon caramel popcorn? Hmmmm….

So now that you know about mixtures, could you figure out how to separate one? Keep these notes handy!

flickr photo by joyosity

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7 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-16-20 Classification of Matter, Pt. 1

  1. My goal is to study for this test a little each day and not waiting until 2 nights before. I will meet this goal by looking over notes on Monday night and studying every night before the test.

  2. My goal for this week is to prepare better for labs and class all around. To achieve this I will print my syllabus on Monday and review for whatever quiz or test I have throughout the week.

  3. My goal is to not procrastinate for studying for the test. I plan to set goals for each day and plan each study day ahead of time.

  4. My goal is to pull my grade back up after that elements quiz. I will do this by working harder and putting more effort into this class.

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