Hon & Regular Chemistry 10-5-20 Intro to Chemistry

HON & REGULAR CHEMISTRY: So now that you know how to use all the tools we’ll need in chemistry, it’s time to start talking about ….chemistry!!

Were you able to able to make applications with the branches of chemistry and categories of scientific work? We’ll finish talking about the properties of matter tomorrow. Don’t forget the applications!

Now it gets interesting! 🙂

P.S. The demo from today is embedded in the vodcast – or click below the vodcast to just watch the demo 🙂

Copper Penny in Nitric Acid Demo

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One thought on “Hon & Regular Chemistry 10-5-20 Intro to Chemistry

  1. I would give myself 4 out of 5 stars for being prepared this week. I printed off my lab and syllabus, and I read the chapter & took notes ahead of time. I took off a star because there is always room for improvement.

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