Chemistry 9-24-20 Lighting a Bunsen Burner

CHEMISTRY – Great job lighting Bunsen burners today! By the way, did you happen to see a green flame when you put the copper wire in the flame? The electrons in the copper atoms were being excited and they gave off a green flame. Cool!!

Here’s something you will find useful in the future…everything you wanted to know about a Bunsen burner and how to light it. Be sure and view the slide show BEFORE you take turn in your lab sheets and take the test.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with Parts 4 & 5. Be sure and read ahead before you come to class! Also, make double dog sure you are keeping up with the observations and answering ALL of the questions at the end of the lab on pg. 13 – 18. There are a TON of them!!!

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60 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-24-20 Lighting a Bunsen Burner

  1. This week I struggled with some parts of the lab s eve after reading them in detail I still never was quite able to understand what it was saying

  2. This week I struggled with making the 2 graphs for the graphing exercise. To improve my graphing skills, I plan on watching the tutorial video you posted whenever I have trouble, and read the problem again to make sure I got the correct independent and dependent variables.

  3. This week i struggled withbeing able to quickly set up the lab at the beginning of class. I plan on reading the lab sheet more than once before getting in class so that I can fully grasp what I need to do before I am doing the lab.

  4. Being on zoom, I struggled to understand what was going on during the labs. It was very difficult to absorb information without our lab partners talking us through each step. I feel very unsure of my ability to perform a lab well without the proper experience.

  5. This week I struggled a little bit with keeping up with homework because I had a bunch from a few classes but all I have to do is look at the syllabus and I should be fine.

  6. This week I struggled with finding where certain items were in the lab station. I plan on studying the slide more to know 100% where they are.

  7. This week i struggled. I struggled with finishing labs during the class period. To correct this i will know the lab better when i come in the room and try to never not do something.

  8. this week i struggled with knowing when things were due. I will start writing down when things are due in my planner to get things turned in on time

  9. This week I struggled with making sure I knew what to do with the labs before we did them. I’m going to fix it by reading it more carefully.

  10. This week I struggled with making sure I knew what to do with the labs before we did them. I’m going to fix it by reading it more carefully.

  11. This week I struggled with learning how to prepare myself for the lab, but now I know what I did wrong and will be fully prepared next time.

  12. This week, I struggled with cleaning up after the labs in a reasonable amount of time. To fix this, I will keep a closer eye on the clock and make sure to give myself plenty of time to clean up.

  13. This week I struggled with reading and following the instructions exactly as said on the labs. Also getting prepared and cleaning on time was difficult. To fix this, I will make sure I pay attention to detail from the start and make sure I know where everything goes so labs can be less time consuming

  14. i struggled with identifying what’s going on during the lab. i will fix that by actually getting to do the lab and see for myself what exactly is going on.

  15. This week i struggled reading the instructions clearly and i will fix that by taking my time to think through the lab before doing it

  16. I struggled with doing my labs on time. I also struggled with doing sig figs accurately. This week wasn’t that hard but could have been better

  17. I struggled with managing time with labs and I didnt have enough time to finish them so now i will be prepared and will try my best to get them done

  18. I was triumphent this week with my studying for both of the test and pulling up my first test grade 13 points.

  19. This week I triumphed by making a good grade on the lab equipment quiz because I studied the different items and took the practice assessment.

  20. I triumphed making a good grade on my Chemistry quiz because this brought my grade up and less stress on the last test.

  21. I was triumphant in my studying for my test this week. The way I triumphed was by trying different learning styles to memorize and apply my test material. For example I tried writing it over and over and saying it out loud.

  22. I triumphed I’m trying to study for this test. I haven’t been doing too hot on past tests and quizzes but I realized that and put in more effort this time

    • My triumph this week in chemistry was making a 100 on my lab quiz. I think I did well because I studied 2 nights before instead of just the night before or the morning of.

  23. This week I Triumphed on making my labs up and inserts siding better because i read the lab before starting them.

  24. My triumph this week was staying prepared for tests and quizzes. I gathered all the resources I needed to study and made sure I had enough time to prepare myself.

  25. this week my triumph was studying for the best before the night before and actually giving myself enough time to learn the material.

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