Chemistry 9-22-20 Lab Safety & Procedures

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Great video, but do you feel like you have information overload!?

Here is the lab safety video we watched in class. It does have a ton of info, and the thing is, you absolutely must know it – and not just for the test, but also throughout the year in lab. It’s a really good idea to watch it again and take notes as you go.

HOMEWORK: First though, lets talk about homework.(Don’t forget to also check your syllabus!!)

Lab Safety ContractSince we’ll be in lab so much, it’s important that you write your own lab safety contract. Here’s how you do it::

  • From the first couple of pages of the Safety Packet that you got in class (or it’s also here under the Lab tab), write the lab safety statements as your contract.
  • They may be handwritten on notebook paper or typed.. You only have to write the first part of the rule that is bold. There are 29 in all and they almost all start with “I will…”.
  • At the end of your contract – after the last statement, hand write the following statement at the bottom: “I agree to abide by these rules.” Then sign underneath and date it. Even if you type the safety rules, you’ll need to hand write this last part and then scan an IMAGE of your hand written statement and signature/date at the bottom.
  • Scan your final document as a PDF and submit it into your Chemistry Shared Folder. You must have this safety contract submitted to do lab for the rest of the year! Due Wednesday!

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19 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-22-20 Lab Safety & Procedures

  1. I struggled with locating all my assignments on the website even though I have my syllabus. I am going to work on this by looking at the labs tab and worksheets tab everyday so I do not miss anything even if I know what is assigned.

  2. I struggled with staying organized and preparing for labs before the day of the lab. I am going to work on this by looking at my syllabus and planning ahead.

  3. I struggle with being organized with all my work.I will work on this by keeping up with all of my things , and getting a planner.

    • I struggle with being organized with all my work that I have. I will work on this by keeping up with all of my things and by getting a planner.

  4. I struggled with learning where all the lab supplies was located in the room. I will look over the powerpoint and the guide to where the lab equipment is located to know exactly where everything is located.

  5. I struggled with getting prepared for the labs that day and getting behind. I will start reading over it the night before and getting prepped for the lab better

  6. I struggled with making sure I read the lab and making sure all my assignments were finished this week. I will try to not procrastinate and do more work in study Hal and manage my time well.

  7. I have struggled with using lab equipment correctly this week but I have been looking over our notes and going over our labs to help myself learn.

  8. I struggled with making sure I knew how to do the labs and knowing where everything was. I plan to read the labs really closely and try to imagine I’m doing the lab.

  9. I struggled with reading and being prepared for my labs. To help this, I will read the syllabus and lab sheet way before lab day.

  10. I struggled this week on the labs. To help, I will look over and read the lab a few times before i do it and take notes on what to do.

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