Chemistry 9-3-20 Scientific Notation

CHEMISTRY – Wow! That was different!! I like you better in person, but at least I got to see you 🙂

How did you do with scientific notation today? Have you conquered it yet? Remember you have to use the scientific notation button that is on your calculator or it will almost always give you the wrong answer!! If you can’t find the scientific notation button your calculator, text me a pic of it and I’ll help!

HOMEWORK UPDATE: Don’t do it tonight. I just realized there is too much conversion factor stuff on it, so we’ll do that tomorrow.

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28 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-3-20 Scientific Notation

  1. My application for this week was learning a lesson through powerschool and taking good notes and actually knowing how to do what we are learning about.

  2. My application for this week in Chemistry was taking what I haved learned with measuring and using it to make a good grade on the Fundamental Science Skills Lab. I also took good notes and understood what we were doing in class.

  3. My application for this week was learning how to estimate and measure things around my house. I also learned how to work zoom.

  4. My application for this week is learning hoe to work powerschool learning and online learning. I also learned how to convert units.

  5. I learned how to use all the online learning classes and websites and I will apply that knowledge to future times we do online learning.

  6. My application for this week is learning how to work zoom. Now that I have figured it out , I am now using it to do all of my classes and I am also learning how to turn things in to powerschool learning. I am figuring everything out now. And now I am actually having to use it in my every day school life.

  7. My application for this week was learning how to do zoom and use the science skills. It’s been a rough week but we can apply skills and get through it.

  8. my application this week was using the si units in the q formula ,in conversion factor and trying to remember how zoom works.

  9. For application this week I learned that there is a link to the class syllabus on the welcome page on powerschool and i can get to it much faster now.

  10. My application for this week was using my math skills to learn how to use a triple beam balance and graduated cylinder.

  11. This week I learned how to estimate length and mass. I applied this knowledge by being able to better guess the length and mass of other objects in daily life.

  12. My application for this week in chemistry was taking good notes and understanding what we are learning. I also figured out how zoom worked.

  13. My application this week was learning how to do conversion factors and scientific notation. I also learned how to take good notes over zoom.

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