4 thoughts on “Physics 8-19-20 Measuring in Physics, continued…

  1. One of my triumphs this week is staying on top of my work. I finished my homework due Friday a day early and am already finished with my homework due Monday. I also finished my lab report early and had time to make small changes. I did not stress about getting it done because I finished early!! This year, I am going to try to stay ahead in homework and lab reports because it is a lot less stressful. I really am looking forward to this year! I love coming to Physics each day 🙂

  2. This week I have struggled with order of magnitude problems. Sometimes I don’t understand how I am supposed to estimate on the problems, especially the ones without any actual numbers in them and only words. I also struggled with a couple of the long conversions between different units to get a measurement like volume. I plan to go back through the chapter and practice on the problems that I don’t understand as much as others. I also plan to ask to go over specific problems in class while going over the homework. It can also help me to struggle less by asking a friend who understands the problems for help. I plan to power through and overcome my struggle before the test.

  3. This week I rate myself a 3.5 out of 5. I stayed on top of my work and even finished some of it early! Doing this really helped me stay relatively stress-free, so I hope I can continue to work ahead. I did struggle, though, with some of the order of magnitude problems, and I found myself getting a little behind in class; however, I plan to overcome this by practing more problems and doing my best to keep up and not worry about writing every little thing down in my notes. It is becoming more and more evident that my mind understands medical-based science with much more ease than other sciences, but I am going to power through! I am looking forward to learning to stretch my brain this year (hopefully with minimal stress and a passing grade)!

  4. I definitely would say that I have struggled this week. I have been slacking off in checking the syllabus and knowing what is due when. I especially struggled with the Graphing Exercise 2. The last thing I want is to get behind so early in the year. Next week, I’m gonna be more proactive and keep a handle on my stress so I can catch up.

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