Chemistry – Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

Can you believe it?!? This is your LAST web post comment!! This is where you put it and here are the three things I want you to talk about:

1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

Chemistry – Types of Chemical Reactions for 5/4/20

CHEMISTRY: So maybe balancing equations isn’t exactly like this, but…..

Here are the notes on the types of chemical reactions, but first we begin with hints for balancing equations. How are you doing with them?

The lesson is below but to get you started, here’s a link to the “blue flame thrower” video I was talking about in the lesson the other day. What happens when diethylzinc is exposed to air? Click here to watch. Good stuff! Blue Flame Thrower

Photo by KT on Unsplash