Physics – Simple Harmonic Motion (for 3/23 – 30/20)

PHYSICS: Springs and pendulums, back and forth… back and forth. Here are the two lectures for this week for simple harmonic motion. The first vodcast we’ll concentrate on springs, in the second, we’ll concentration on pendulums. Wonder how this could be used to solve a design challenge? Hmmmm…..

Simple Harmonic Motion & Springs

Photo by Becca Romine on Unsplash

Simple Harmonic Motion & the Pendulum

flickr photo by sudip

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11 thoughts on “Physics – Simple Harmonic Motion (for 3/23 – 30/20)

  1. This week was definitely not as fun as the last. This week was decently boring as I have gotten bored with playing video games all day. I have procrastinated my physics work just a little bit, and as a result I am going to have to do a lot of work tomorrow because I do not want to have to work this weekend. I need to be better about doing my work before engaging in other activities. However, I have not really struggled too much with my work load this week because all of my teachers are taking it easy so far. Also, the AP exams have been drastically abbreviated, so there is less work for them to assign. I am starting to become slightly stir crazy, and I need to go do something if there is anything left to do. All in all, this has been a good week despite my slight procrastination, and I hope the next will be just as good.

  2. Remote learning is not for me, so this week gets a 2/5. The 2 is for the two days of sunshine where I got to get outside. I didn’t realize that physics could get harder, but without interaction I’m really struggling. I’m staying on top of things, but I can’t seem to grasp it. Maybe next week will be better:/

  3. This week was okay. As we all know, I’m a pretty big procrastinator. So that’s not really a good match up with online school. But on the bright side, working at my own pace is really good for me. I’m understanding the material better I think! I actually understood every bit of calculus I learned on Monday which is not normal for me. I started my lab yesterday but that stupid cat kept popping up so I couldn’t do the discussion. I’m trying to space it all out and reduce stress!

  4. This week was certainly more difficult than last week in Physics. My schedule of going to sleep at 3a and waking up at 1p is starting to bite me with all this homework in every class because half of the day is gone by the time I finish homework. Maybe I will switch that up. The simlab was pretty rough for me and the written homework was ok. I feel like I have to learn a new formula for every question in it though. Overall, I still would rather be doing remote learning than regular school just for the flexibility of schedule that I now have. I love the late deadlines too.

  5. This week I started out well.I watched the vodcasts and finished my homework pretty early. However, by mid-week I had 0 motivation. I barely started on my simlab so I need to get that done. I really just miss normal human interactions with my friends because they would help me stay on task. Because when it is just up to me I struggle getting things done. But in the meantime I’m just going to suck it up and keep working. Hopefully, I get better as we go on.

  6. This week I would rate a 3/5. Now that we have had a week that kind of feels like a full week of school, I can say that I really like remote learning. The material is given to me in a way that requires more independent learning instead of relying on other classmates or my teachers. Remote learning has also taught me the importance of a good schedule. Regular school is easier for me since I spend most of the day working until I go to sleep. However, it takes much more self-control when learning at home. I can take many more breaks throughout my day, but it is much harder to stop these breaks and continue my work. I am getting used to this schedule, but I did not do well this week. I waited until the last minute, and now I forced to get most of my work done now. Hopefully I can get my act together next week.

  7. I really like remote learning. I can get things done at my own pace and still have time for fun activities like reading, playing outside, or watching movies. However, I am losing motivation fast, and as a result procrastinated some of my english homework that is due today. I’d rather not do homework on a weekend, but that is my own fault. I’m going to do much better next week now that I know the consequences for procrastination from this week! If only powerschool would work consistently!! This cat is becoming a problem.

  8. This week has been decent. I’d rate it a 4/5. Not like a 4/5 where it’s really a 5/5 and I’m just trying to be modest. More like a 4/5 that’s like a 5/5 in some ways and 3/5 in others. I got everything I needed to finished. I did stress out some, but it was partly not my fault, as powerschool still takes longer than my homework. I just know what I need to do better for next week, and I guess that’s all that matters for right now. I just can’t wait for my laptop to come in and make everything simpler. It was supposed to come in 3 weeks ago…

  9. One of the questions you asked on the syllabus was, Are we learning too slow? And I have to say if we speed up at all I am going to fall off the back of this physics train because I do not learn well in a solo environment, but I do work much more efficiently and diligently….. until I forget about a lab and do it in two hours and its total garbage. All in all, it was not a terrible week, now don’t get me wrong I have no idea what we’re doing, but like everything else is going great.

  10. This week has been a solid 3/5. I definitely like alot of aspects of remote learning. The discussions allow some cool learning opportunities and having to deal with the constant temptation of procrastinating is helping me become better student. However, I find that I am able to be extremely productive one day and then not be able to do anything another day. I will try to work on this next week so I can more evenly distribute my work load.

  11. Other than the lack of food at home and the procrastination, I’m doing pretty okay. So I rate this week a 4/5. It’s still tricky convincing myself to work, but I’m getting better at staying focused when I actually start the work. My diet now mainly consists of canned goods and I’m not doing too well in that regard. My sleep cycle no longer exists at this point. I’ll try to fix that soon.

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