12 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry – Intermolecular Forces (for 3/23 – 30/20)

  1. I give myself 4.5/5 stars for this week. I was successful in not procrastinating and getting all the work that I could do early done early. However, I did struggle some on staying focused while watching some of the videos so I had to rewatch some parts of them. I believe that we are going at a pretty good pace right now.

  2. I would rate myself a 4/5 stars. I have maintained a good pace for getting my work done without getting stressed about the amount of work I have with all my classes.However, I have struggled with staying motivated to get my work done without getting distracted by activities that I’d rather be doing. I think we’re going at a good pace right now.

  3. I give myself a 3.5/5 on this first full week of remote learning. I made daily schedules and really liked that, but I struggled to get everything done because I would get lazy or thought I had more time later to do it. However, I have not postponed much stuff and have stayed on task pretty much.

  4. I would rate myself a 4.5/5 stars for this week. I kept a really good pace in all of my classes and actually did not feel like I was behind at all. But, I would say that it is a lot harder to be motivated to do the work at home than it is at school. It is also a lot easier to get distracted. I also think that the pace for this class is really great! It may not seem like a lot, but coupled with other class’s work, it is the perfect amount.

  5. I would rate myself a 3.5/5. I mostly kept myself from procrastinating and keeping to all of my teacher’s schedules. I did fall behind a little because I would get lazy and decide to stop working for the day, even though I still had work to complete. I think the pace for this class is the perfect speed, not too much work, but still enough to learn and stay on top of other classes as well. My only challenge is to not get distracted and keep on top of my work.

  6. This week, I would honestly rate myself a 3/5. I feel like I’m at a pretty good pace with remote learning overall, but I just need to be better in chemistry. I procrastinated a lot and now I’m gonna have to do some over the weekend. Family has been super distracting and I’ve also been pushing the chemistry project back a lot. I’m making myself sit down tomorrow and work hard. Hopefully I continue that habit and work on it everyday. Earlier this week I felt a little anxious about everything, but now I know that God is going to and always will help me through it.

  7. this week was hard. i had a good accomplishment- setting a whole day aside for all my chemistry, and i got some research in. my main downside is the project. i’m concerned i’m getting to detailed, and that i’m wasting time on detail and stressing out over little things. the rate we are at right now is perfect, and i can finally get some good research in with it as well.

  8. This week in chemistry I rate myself 4/5 because I stayed pretty diligent, and I had a good schedule that I followed and kept track of. The only downside to this week is that my WiFi was out from Thursday to Saturday, so I have to finish all the work I had planned for those days today. WiFi was my only challenge this week. Overall this week was smooth when it was normal, and I think the pace was good.

  9. This week I give myself a 3/5 stars. I was able to get the lessons done at the beginning of the week, but I procrastinated the lab and the worksheet a little bit too much. I was able to get it done, but I would like to work ahead a little bit more next time. My biggest challenge was staying on top of things. The pace has been pretty good so far.

  10. I give myself a 3/5 stars this week. I didn’t focus as much on work as I wish I would have, and I had to work on homework later than I wanted. But overall I did finish all of my work so it was fine, I just need to not procrastinate as much.

  11. This week I believe I did well with the online learning. I finished all of my work at the beginning of the week giving myself time to do what I wanted at the end. I was also able to get some more work done on my project and am now extremely close to having the list of the ten items I am taking. I would give myself a little 4.75/5 this week.

  12. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I watched lesson videos and took notes almost as soon as they were up but I procrastinated the lab and worksheet. I’m proud of the first part of this week but not so much the last. I am getting better and using PowerSchool and getting my assignments done and I’m making more progress on the project.

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