Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Welcome to a great adventure! You’ve learned so much this year – not just concepts, but skills, and you’re still learning! I can’t wait to see how you are going to apply it all!

Here’s the place where you can post your questions about the “Lost…”. First answer – the due date is Wednesday, April 15.

A really useful hint? Go back and re-read the project again – this time with a highlighter. It’s amazing how much I miss the first time I read something. So what’s your next question?

Here’s another copy of the whole project, if you need it:
Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire
Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire – HONORS

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34 thoughts on “Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire

  1. In the 3rd nine weeks, I would rate myself a 3/5. I understood a lot more than I thought I would but when it came to the last test, I did not prepare enough and I did not practice enough. Other than the last test, I thought I did decently on everything else.

  2. This nine weeks, third nine weeks, I would rate myself a 3/5, because my grade is not where I want it to be. I have two bad test grades, but I did all my homework and did learn alot this nine weeks.

  3. In the third nine weeks, I would rate myself a 4/5. I would give myself this rating because I was better about completing my homework, but I think I could’ve studied a little more for tests.

  4. In the third nine weeks I would rate myself a 3/5 because I tried really hard to do well but I didn’t always get the best results. My effort was an A but my follow through was a C, which is disappointing but it was my best.

  5. In this 3rd nine weeks I would rate myself an 2.7 because I did horrible on the last test and that’s all that’s matters. I’ll do better by finding a good way to study chemistry test.

  6. For the third nine weeks I would rate my self a 2/5 because even though I did alright. I definitely could of done better on tests.

  7. In the third nine weeks i rate myself 4/5.
    I have maintained i high average and done well on almost all of the labs and tests. I could’ve studied a little more but overall i did well.

  8. This third nine weeks I would rate myself 3/5. I give myself this rating because my grade is not where I wanted it to be at, at all. I did better on not forgetting my homework, and actually trying on labs, but I still did not do well on the tests. Next semester I am going to study for the tests ahead of time, so I can get a good grade o them.

  9. This nine weeks i give myself a 3/5 i did ok but not as good as i wanted to. I missed a couple of days of the hard electron and noble gas notation lessons and i didnt understand it at all. For 4th quarter i.plan on studying harder and getting a B or A on a test.

  10. This 9-weeks I would give myself a 4 out of 5. I have done better to make sure I really understand what we’re learning. I’ve also studied more thoroughly and in more helpful ways than before. I’m slowly learning to manage my time in class and in homework better, too.

  11. In the third term, Id rate myself a 3.5/5. I didn’t do to hot on the on the second test. My time management was a little better, but I can still work to improve it. I will need to strengthen my time management or the project.

  12. i rate my self at a 2/5. i do bad on the test but do good in the labs and homework. it’s hard to comprehend all of it.

  13. In the third nine weeks I rate myself a 2/5 because I didn’t do as good as I wanted to. The test hurt my grade especially since I missed so many days and I probably should have practiced more than I did

  14. I would rate myself a 2.5/5 because I did some stupid things, but I did study for the last test. Next nine weeks I will do better and I will do well on the project. Overall I need to improve off this nine weeks because I didn’t live up to my otential.

  15. This semester I would give myself a 4.75 out of 5 because I was able to keep my grade up and did well on my assignments, even while I was out of town. One thing I could have done better, however, was studying for the tests we took.

  16. In my third nine weeks I rate myself a 3/5 because I didn’t finish with a good test grade and me kind of slacking off on work. One way to get better and not do this is study more and keeping the grind up.

  17. This nine weeks I rate myself a 4/5 because I accomplished a lot. My grades were high enough to get into the honors society, I took the ACT, and I learned a lot.

  18. I rate this 3rd nine weeks as a 2.5/5. I think I soaked up a lot of information and learned new things to further my knowledge of chemistry. However, I think my applications could have been a lot better, especially when we went over the line emission spectrum and the measures of electromagnetic radiation.

  19. This third nine weeks I would rate myself a 3/5, because this has been my lowest semester. I learned tons of new information, I have really enjoyed it. But to improve on this semester, I would give myself more time to study, and I would study more application.

  20. I would rate myself, earlier in the nine weeks to now at a 2/5. It’s clear I do not even put effort or mental functioning into anything I do in this class and most classes, with me just being on my phone in every class or not doing homework/assignments. I am not sure how exactly I can resolve my self-discipline skills, especially when it does not feel like anything is necessarily close to making or breaking my livelihood. However, I plan on finding a way to resolve this, through a personal project of mine, which should help motivate myself to be more disciplined and attentive.

  21. This quarter I would rate myself 4/10 because my grades are looking better but I need to work on finding time to study more.

  22. This term, I rate myself a 4/5. I finished the class with an A, but it should’ve been a higher A if I didn’t procrastinate on my work.

  23. I would rate myself a 3/5 for the 3rd semester. I feel like I had a little better time management but there were still things I could have done differently.

  24. This quarter I rate myself a 2.5/5 because I did not provide my full effort this quarter and I could have tried harder.

  25. This nine weeks I’d rate myself 3/5. Did better with my homework but slacked in my studying. I will do my best to get on top of just sitting down and studying.

  26. I rate myself a 4/5 this 9 weeks. I got all of my work done efficiently, and I did well on the labs. I could’ve done better on some of the tests. I can fix this by being more prepared for the tests in advance.

  27. I rate myself a 4.5/5 for this quarter. I started out with a decent grade and maintained it but then I did really good on a test and got my grade up to an A. However I didn’t really try at the beginning of the semester until I realized it is important so next quarter I won’t be lazy and slack on work.

  28. 3/5 because I struggled on some things but made up for it with other things. I did not forget homework as much as the last nine weeks. I did better on labs this nine weeks

  29. I would rate myself a 4/5 this 3rd nine weeks. I did a lot better than first semester and actually got things in like homework and web posts to maintain my grade. I didn’t do too bad on the tests and did my extra credit. I participated better in labs. I feel like I am still not a good chemistry student, but I have improved and am closer to where I want to be.

  30. I would rate myself a 4/5 this nine weeks because I have stayed on top of all of my chemistry assignments

  31. On the project, the envelope with the Ricin, is there actually Ricin in the envelope or is it just labeled that way. (Btw I dont have the sheet in front of me, in case I got some of the details wrong)

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