Physics 3-2-20 Bernoulli UPDATED

PHYSICS: The Bernoulli can explain so much! Great job with the concepts today. Now take them and your new formulas and go back and tackle those problems from Friday! Remember the concepts that are behind the formulas!

UPDATE: Here’s a reboot of the fluid motion Bernoulli lectures – part 1 and part 2 from last year. These have all the info that didn’t make it to this year’s vodcasts.

Also, here’s Julius Sumner Miller Bernoulli video on YouTube if you missed him in class!

Fluid Motion & Bernoulli, Part 1

Bernoulli, Part 2

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11 thoughts on “Physics 3-2-20 Bernoulli UPDATED

  1. This week was a 2/5. My heart just was not in it this week, but I don’t feel like I completely bombed the test. The design challenges were a good time, but I’m definitely ready for the break.

  2. This week was a solid 5/5 for me. The test was pretty tough even though I studied a good but for it. However, I ended up doing much better than I thought I would on it, so I am very thankful and satisfied. Then, the design challenge was absolutely epic. I laughed so hard at the end of it and had such a blast in the process of the whole challenge. It was an awesome way to end the week/term.

  3. This week was a struggle for me overall. I did great on the test, but I feel as though I could have studied more for it. Also, I struggled during the lab. Next time we have a lab of the same magnitude, I will make sure to spend more of my time brainstorming when we have a night to think. This week might have been a struggle, but I now get a break to relax my brain and when we come back to school, I am going to channel everything I have into my school work.

  4. I actually enjoyed this week. Even though I failed the test. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s over is what’s making me enjoy it but I super ready to relax and take a breather. Also I did the extra credit so I’m proud of myself.

  5. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I didnt get as much studying as I would have liked for the test but I am still proud of how I did. I was also able to get everything i needed turned in. Plus we definitely had the most fun engineering challenge this week!

  6. This week a rate myself a 2/5. I do not think I did very well on the test. I think I got all the problems right, but I think I missed quite a few multiple choice. I did enjoy the design challenge this week, it was a good way to relax and have fun at the end of the week. I also majorly procrastinated on my labs and had to do both of them the night before, which wasn’t the best idea. However, I did finish them, and I hopefully will still have a good grade with the extra credit. I am very ready for the break and then the final term!

  7. This week I would rate myself a solid 4/5. I barely prepared for my test and it was rough. However, I did finish all of my work this week and made up all that I needed too sooooo this week was a success. Also, my lab group got first in the design challenge so also a success!

  8. This week was fun ONLY because of the design challenge. It made up for the test, my confusion on the material, and the stressful labs. I’m just thankful I’ve made it throught the week without having a another breakdown. Thank the Lord for spring break!

  9. Well 5/5. For a fact. I can’t say I’m not stressed about school, but I have enjoyed the week off. Jamaica has been such a blessing, and I don’t want to go back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!

  10. This week was a 1000/5! I got to spend the week in Jamaica serving the Lord and loving on kids and it was the greatest blessing! I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! However, I am not ready to go back to reality and school. Please pray that I can make the transition easily!

  11. This week is a 4/5 for me. Nothing went terribly wrong this week and the test felt pretty good to me. I haven’t checked my grade yet, but I’m hoping it’s a good one. Can’t wait to unwind this week. Design challenge was fun, as it always is.

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