Physics 2-24-20 Pascal’s Law

PHYSICS: Did you realize that fluids could produce that much force? Make’s you wonder at the awesome way God designed those beautiful under water sea creatures to withstand so much pressure, doesn’t it? This little creature is a lionfish from the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia.

Missed you guys today! Here’s the lecture on Pascal’s law and hydraulics and the like.

Physics 2-27-17 Pascal's Law from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by CW Ye

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6 thoughts on “Physics 2-24-20 Pascal’s Law

  1. This week has been a 4/5. I loved working with the T-bots even if they make sloppy sandwiches. My test grade was good, but it could have been great without some careless mistakes. I’ll have to slow down next time, but I knew how to work all the problems which was a big improvement. I think I’m finally understanding how to study for tests.

  2. This week was a 4/5 for me. I struggled with completing assignments, so that was definitely a low point, but my test grade was the best it’s ever been! I am really proud of that. The t-bot lab was SO much fun, and a welcome task after stressful classes. I have a lot of homework to turn in, though, so I hope I remember to do that. Yikes. On a non-physics note, I am really happy with the way NHS inductions went, and I felt like my speech was good. Also, I leave for Jamaica for IBS tonight, so I am excited for that! Pray for safety and for God’s love to be shared and accepted!

  3. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. After missing so many days I feel like I am a little behind in all of my classes. I still have to do some labs and homework assignments that I have missed. So… I’m dedicating this weekend to getting caught up. Also, t-bots were extremely fun and I had a joyous time building a cake and not lighting the machine on fire.

  4. I rate myself a solid 4/5 this week. This week was a fun one in many regards: I had a lot of fun going to Binghampton and working on the tbot lab. I laughed until I cried four times while working on the tbot lab. I also did my work in a timely manner this week, and I was well prepared for all of my tests and quizzes. I have enjoyed the fluid Dynamics we have been learning, and I am excited for the rest of this year in physics.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I ended up with an a on my last test, but I do not feel as though I performed my best last chapter. I made many simple mistakes, and I am beginning to become lazy and unwilling to do my work. The t-bot lab was very fun, and I am going to get my labs done this weekend. Next week I will try harder.

  6. This week was fun! I enjoyed making a sandwich with my t-bot. Even thought my test grade was not great, I’m proud of myself for getting through major homework in every class the night before the test. It was rough but I did it! Hopefully next week I’ll understand the material even better before the test.

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