61 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-19-20 Noble Gas Notation

  1. My topic for the science in the news was the coronavirus. It discussed the effects of the coronavirus, and what’s going on surrounding that. It discussed symptoms, causes, and what can be done to stop it.

  2. My science in the news was about how jellyfish snot or mucus can sting other organisms without even touching the jellyfish. The upside down jellyfish can sting humans or other sea creatures with their snot that they release from their cassiosomes.

  3. My topic for science in the news was about school shooter fire drills and if they actually help or cause more harm. Every shooting situation is different so it is hard to tell if the drills will work or not. This was a very interesting article as school shootings have become more prevalent in our country. I think they do help more than if they did not do them so students know how to act and where to go in time of emergencies.

  4. My science in the news was talking about the feelings in our fingers. Without feeling how would we know what we were feeling or if we were picking something up. So this article is very interesting in telling us how we feel with our fingers

  5. My science in the news was about how scientists were making advances on robots. They are making these machines much more human-like and creating a “nervous system” in it by its “flesh” to feel and react to pain. This report was interesting since these machines could maybe replace humans in the future.

  6. My SITN article was about how some researchers made a spray gel that can help prevent frostbite and make it heal faster with a combination of 2 drugs. They used ibuprofen and heparin to make the spray gel then tested it on rate. Results showed that the experiment was a success, but the researchers will hold onto the spray for further testing before releasing it to the public.

  7. My science in the news article was about NASA’s 2-year probe they sent to Mars to study the planet more. The probe found that Mars is an active planet and it has different magnetic properties as well as Marsquakes.

  8. This week my article talked about scientists who are considering ways to train our brains to pay attention. They found that when alpha waves in our brain are stronger, there is less focus. And when we focus on one side of our vision, the opposite side of the brain is functioning to produce weaker alpha waves. It’s possible that stimulants and such might be unnecessary in the future for people who struggle to focus, if we keep learning about our brainwave activity.

  9. My science in the news topic was about how scientists used a 3-D printer to see what a 3,000 year old mummy’s voice would sound like. They used a CT scan to track the mummy’s vocal box to see what he might’ve sounded like. They said he sounded like he was saying the word bed or bad. It was a fascinating article and I enjoyed learning about it.

  10. My science in the news article was about how the fundamental constant of nature remains the same even near a black hole. Scientists observed five stars go around the black hole at the center of the galaxy. This article was really interesting and I was very intrigued

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