Chemistry 2-11-20 Photoelectric Effect & Bohr Model of the Atom

CHEMISTRY: Fun field trip today!! Good job coming up with examples of the photoelectric effect. What? There really aren’t tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Target? And I just thought of another one, what about those automatic flush toilets!

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Physics 2-11-20 Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

PHYSICS: Wait! There’s a fourth law? Yep – Newton’s law of universal gravitation! So when you jump off of something, the Earth moves, huh?

You’ve learned little g, now you know big G! Good job setting up the problems, also make sure you can apply the concepts.

Ready to escape? 🙂

Physics 2-10-16 Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.