Physics 1-10-20 Collisions Problems with Energy & Bouncing

PHYSICS: Great job on the problems so far!! Here’s our look how kinetic and potential energy get involved – dart in the block of wood and the bird on the swing. This cute little bird isn’t on a swing, but he is one I came beak to nose with on a mission trip to Costa Rica!

What about even more practical applications? Hmmmm…..

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6 thoughts on “Physics 1-10-20 Collisions Problems with Energy & Bouncing

  1. This week was interesting? I kind of understood what we talked about but I’m having a hard time applying these concepts into reality. I’m also very sleepy no matter how much sleep I get so that’s frustrating. The problems are throwing me for a loop and things are just kinda melancholy in general so hopefully next week is better.

  2. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I struggled to get back into the swing of things this week, and I did not perform at my best in any regard. The information in this chapter makes sense to me, and I think the math portion is the simplest yet. I did not perform very well on my math quiz today unfortunately, but mistakes are inevitable, and I will most definitely learn from it. I really enjoyed all the activities this week. I particularly enjoyed designing an egg landing pad, and I really enjoyed all the physical demonstrations. They really benefit my conceptual understanding of the subject. I believe I will perform well on this next physics test, and I look forward to learning more about physics this semester.

  3. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I did not have a very productive week. Homework was tough, and it was tougher getting my self to get it done. The egg drop landing pad was fun. I really thought our team was going to take the win, so when we cracked, I was pretty disappointed. Next week I keep on pushing, but hopefully I’ll eventually win a design challenge.

  4. This week was super fun!! I feel like I learned more efficiently by being involved in all the activities and I’m enjoying the concepts of momentum. But I still have trouble with problems. Hopefully with more practice on the math, I’ll be better off for the test!

  5. This week was a triumph. I am so proud of how the week went because not only did I get more sleep than usual, but my grades also did not suffer as a result. Having a 1st period study hall is a SAVIOR, let me just say. The play is starting to stress me out a bit, but I just need tk relax and enjoy it. Overall, I still need to grasp the concepts we are learning in this class, but hopefully I can pull through.

  6. This week was a 3/5 for me. The concepts aren’t too hard this time, but my procrastination is slowly slipping back into my life. I’ve got to find away to stop it in it’s tracks. The design challenge was very fun to do and it was incredibly intresting to see how everyone’s design worked. I hope I can prepare for the next test effectively. This time I need to give it all I’ve got.

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