Hon Chemistry 1-10-20 Photoelectric Effect

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow check out this awesome example of the photoelectric effect – a giant solar flower in Buenos Aires, Argentina! It moves as it follows the sun. Click on the link to learn more. There’s also a link below the vodcast. Giant Solar Flower

Awesome field trip today! Hey what about other applications of the photoelectric effect? Are there tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Wal-mart and Target? What about solar calculators? And hey – what about those automatic flush toilets?!

flickr photo by Stuck in Customs

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One thought on “Hon Chemistry 1-10-20 Photoelectric Effect

  1. This semester i am going to make sure i get as little zeroes as possible. the zeros are the thing that tanks my grade. I will set alarms for things like SITN and Webposts to ensure that I v do not slip up.

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