Physics 12-6-19 Power & the Horsepower Lab

PHYSICS: Great job on the horsepower lab. Not so much noise this time! I’m thinking maybe you don’t have as many physics phrustrations to work out?!? 🙂

So how many horsepower do you have? You found Watts? So how many horsepower is that? Hmmmm…..

Here’s the super short lecture from today on power. Now go forth and conquer the power problems!

flickr photo by Thomas Hawk

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11 thoughts on “Physics 12-6-19 Power & the Horsepower Lab

  1. Overall this week was a fat 2.5/5. Half of this class was good because I did great on the test and the engineering challenge, but the other half is bad because of my fear of the grades I will get on my labs. I felt like I put my all into the experiments and the write-ups, but I just have an uneasy feeling that something bad is going to happen to my grade. It is saddening. Oh well, what else can I do now. I also am dreading this exam and the ACT coming up. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal. LETS GO BOYZ

  2. This week was a triumph for me. It was by far the hardest week of physics we have had so far. A test coupled with some grinding labs made for some late nights. However, I got it done and am looking forward to a relaxing weekend and the study guide. I am so ready for Christmas break!

  3. This week was a big triumph for me. With all my classes finishing up, this has been the busiest week of the year. But with everything going against me, I am happy with all the grades I made. I feel confident that if I study hard, I should be able to do well on the exam! I feel very accomplished with what I have learned so far, and I am very excited for what 2020 has in store for me.

  4. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I really surprised myself this week. I did not get any sleep, but yet, I did the best that I have done all year on certain tests and projects. This could be considered a bad thing since I waited until the last minute to get my work done and I did not suffer the consequences that I should have. However, I learned that I need to get plenty of sleep since this week has been one of the most miserable. I will make sure to get my physics study guide done early so I do not have to sacrifice my sleep the night before. This week was also good because I finally proved to myself that I could reach my goal on a physics test through practice and study.

  5. This week I would rate a 4/5. I have had a wonderful relief from school after all these projects and tests. This week has been super busy, but I’m happy with my grades considering the classes I’m taking. I ecstatic that i only have to take 2 exams next week. I’m ready to do my best on these exams.

  6. Once again I’ve had a confusing week. I’ve made veryyyyy bad grades, but I understand all the mistakes I made and managed to stay pretty on top of the homework and labs. It was a stressful week but I feel more prepared for this exam and I’m surprisingly not super nervous

  7. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I received a good score on my test which I was happy about. However, I have been becoming quite lazy and have been procrastinating my work. I have been playing video games instead of doing my work. I am going to have to expend all my willpower to get this study guide done along with my other work for other exams. I am excited for the dance tomorrow as well. I feel like I have done well this semester, and I hope to finish strong.

  8. This week has been…. rough. Functioning on minimal sleep and extreme amounts of caffeine is not the optimal condition for good performance. I’ve reached a sort of fatalistic “There’s nothing I can do now” mindset, but there is something I can do: study hard, work problems, and do my best on this exam and the review packet.

  9. This week has been a strange triumph. Sure, I failed another test. In fact, I’ve never passed a test this entire year. Despite all that, I’m still here, doing what I do everyday. My best. 2019 was a rough one, I definitely did not start out very strong and I continue to struggle to this day. I enjoy that class so I’m willing to stay and learn. 2020 will be a better year. After all, after staring in the face of failure for so long I’m bound to reach victory one day.

  10. This week was a 3/5. Yes, I did very bad on the test BUT I got help from the lovely galin burton and figured out how to work the problems on the test! Now all that’s left is to pray I did well on labs, study hard for the exam, hopefully do well on it, and celebrate Christmas!

  11. This week was just…hard. I know that I’m trying my best in this class, so that makes me feel bit better about my bad test grade. However, I didn’t get hardly any sleep this week, and that has affected my ability to do my homework. I was extremely behind. This exam is going to take all of my strength, and I am most likely not going to be able to perform well, but I know that if I try my best like I’ve been doing, that’s what matters in the end. I keep telling myself “there is a reason I’m in this class. God put me here for a purpose, and I may not know it or like it, but I should be thankful for it.” Hopefully that mindset will encourage me!!!

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