Chemistry 11-14-19 Moles, Mass, Atoms & Avogadro

CHEMISTRY: So… how big a bucket do you think we’d need to hold a mole of frogs? 🙂

Nope, not the furry brown creature that burrows underground, it’s a whole different thing! Here’s the lecture from Friday on moles, mass, and Avogadro’s number. I still say he has a cool name… 🙂

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49 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-14-19 Moles, Mass, Atoms & Avogadro

  1. I have struggled with having all of my information in one place. I have been more disorganized this week than I usually am. I am going to re-write my notes and get everything more organized.

  2. This week I struggled with memorizing the acids and polyatomic ions. I need to find a new way to study better to do better on the actual test.

  3. I struggled on writing the chemical names ands making the chemical formulas.I didn’t study well on the polyatomic and acids

  4. I’ve struggled with keeping up with the memorization with the polyatomic ions and the acids and etc. To combat the struggles I will make more time to memorize.

  5. I struggled on the pretest this week. I studied but it did not stick and I do not think I did well. It is hard for me to remember everything I need to know and the rules

  6. This week I struggled with catching up on elements after forgetting to study everyday. The quiz yesterday was super hard for me but I’ll learn from that experience and try harder next time

  7. This week I struggled with the pre-test. I studied the formulas but some did not stick like the others did. I will try to make time to study the formulas more and hopefully they will stick better.

  8. My Struggle this week was giving my time to each subject, but from the struggles of hours apon hours of work I was able to study Chemistry and I think I did great on quiz!! It goes to show if you stay dedicated and persevere with whatever you are learning you can achieve the goal you are looking for.

  9. This week I have struggled with focusing. I need to take more time out of my schedule to memorize and study and preparing better for chemistry.

  10. This week I struggled with studying for the pre-test. I had a hard time mesmerizing the acids and not mixing it up with the poly atomic ions.

  11. This week I struggled with memorization of polyatomic ions and studying for the Pre-Test. It was difficult to retain all the knowledge along with the exceptions.

  12. This week, I struggled with the memorization for the pretest we took. I wasn’t confident in the polyatomic ions. But in the end I got them all down. The only thing I don’t know if I did was the right charges.

  13. I’ve really been struggling with writing formulas and naming the different compounds. There are a lot of rules and I forget pretty easily. I’m going to work on problems in the book and rework problems from past worksheets.

  14. This week my struggle was learning how to name formulas and write the charges. But once I figured it out it was pretty easy and I think I did well on the quiz with it.

  15. This week I am struggling with memorizing the common elements and keeping the other ones that we have memorized separated. I am going to make flash cards with the new materials and make a fill in the blank sheet for the other ones.

    • This week I have am struggling with memorizing the common element and keeping the other materials that we have memorized separated.
      I am going to make flash cards of the new ones and making a fill in the blank sheet for the old ones.

  16. This week I struggled with understanding the differences between all the compounds. Next time I’m going to find more examples of each type of problem.

  17. This week I struggled with naming chemical formulas. I overcame this struggle by having someone explain the numbers of the formulas to me and practicing on sciencegeek before the pretest.

  18. This week I struggled with convincing myself to study for the test before the night before. But, when it came to test time I didn’t feel as unprepared as I thought I would. Even though I feel as if i didn’t do too bad on the test, in the future I while study better and not cram the night before.

  19. This week I struggled with memorizing the acids for the pre test. I will need to work on this over the weekend to help improve my abilities for the test.

  20. My struggle this week has been learning moles. I am really confused on the Q formula on these. I will do practice problems and pay attention in class so that I can get better at them.

  21. This week my struggle was the polyatomic ions. I was also struggling with the formulas and the compounds. I need to work on studying them little by little every night, so I am able to do the new things we are coming up to.

  22. This week, my struggle was converting molar mass to grams and atoms. I struggled with the homework because the formula was difficult to me at first, but with practice and going over my notes, I should get better at it.

  23. This week my struggle was being prepared for class. Busy mornings and jammed printers are a slight factor in the unpreparation. However, I am going to print things out at school if I can’t at home (or ask a friend), and I am going to try to get everything I need ready at night so I am not so rushed in the morning.

  24. This week I have struggled greatly with my time management as I had many family emergencies happen during the week. This was obviously an outlier as far as situations go and I do not expect it to be a consistent problem.

  25. One thing I struggled with this week was memorizing all the steps for the calculations. I went over the calculations in my head several time, but when it came to test time I could not remember all the steps. In the future I will work more of the problems instead of just going over them in my head.

  26. This week my struggle was studying hard for the test on Thursday. I studied hard but it was still a pretty difficult test. I think a way I can resolve this problem is by studying even further before the test and maybe studying in a different fashion.

  27. My struggle this week was getting all of my studying for the test and all of my work done while trying to do homework for other classes. It can be hard to fit other work in with chemistry sometimes. The way I will improve this in the future is by getting my chemistry work done as soon as possible so I won’t have to cram it in with other subjects.

  28. This week in chemistry, I struggled with preparing for the test. I procrastinated way too long and didn’t have enough time to study and comprehend all of the concepts. I was very overwhelmed while taking the test and ran out of time. I want to make sure that never happens again, so I’m going to try to review everyday a week in advance before the test and make sure that I’m comfortable with each concept.

  29. This week I struggled with preparing for my test. I should have started studying over the weekend instead of starting during the week. If I would have started studying for the test that weekend I would have been more prepared for the test and I would have had more time during the week to work on other homework. I will fix this by making sure I begin to study for my test well before the test date to make sure I am fully prepared

  30. This week my struggle was probably planning out how I would study for our test. I was super nervous about our test and I was not sure about exactly how I should study or when I should start studying. But, I was able to plan everything out well and in the future I will continue to study far ahead of time so that am adequately prepared for our tests and not cramming the night before.

  31. This week I struggled with remembering the formulas for percent composition, empirical formula, and molecular formula. I overcame this by going back, re-reading my notes, and reviewing the practice problems we did in class and for homework.

  32. This week I struggled with studying. I started on time and well in advance of the test but I’m not sure if what and how I studied was the right way. However I do feel more ready for this test than I have been for ones in the past. I studied memorization and worked a few empirical formula problems to be ready.

  33. A struggle I had this week was not being completely prepared because my printer wasn’t functioning properly so I didn’t have everything ready. This week it should not be an issue because my printer is fixed. I also struggled with relearning the oxidation rules that I had struggled with before but I asked my dad for help and that helped a lot.

  34. My struggle this week has been memorizing the common names and substances. I will strive to learn better study habits so I won’t have to memorize them more than once.

  35. This week I struggled with staying organized. I did not keep up with my notes making me rely on the internet for the acids, something I normally would not do. I need to start putting all my notes in my chemistry binder instead of leaving it out and carrying it.

  36. This week I struggled understanding the difference between – and different uses of – oxidation numbers and charges. Something that will help is to keep applying them in problems and reviewing my notes and examples often. I know I can understand them much better, but I need to work hard towards that.

  37. I have really struggled with learning how to use mole in calculations and using mole in the Q formula. I also struggled with using the Q formula again.

  38. This week what i struggled with was memorization for the quiz that we had on Wednesday, I believe that I can do much better by learning a different way going forward.

  39. This week I struggled to remember all of quiz material for Wednesday. I think I can get better by actually studying harder and more often

  40. This week I struggled with the polyatomic ions quiz. I will have better time management and study the ions for the test.

  41. This week I feel like I did not struggle in many areas. One area I did feel I could have done better on is preparing more for my poly atomic quiz.

  42. My struggle this week was having to reuse the Q Formula and the Sig figs . I will re look back in my notes and practice. But besides that, this week went over fairly well.

  43. I’m thankful for the best Chemistry teacher that helps us with help sessions, encourages us speak to out-loud in class to memorize the knowledge being given, putting up extra credit opportunities, and making us all do fun Labs.

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