Chemistry 11-11-19 Oxidation Numbers & Pre-Test Quiz Info

CHEMISTRY: One man’s rust is another student’s lesson in chemistry! Great job today with oxidation numbers. Now it’s time to go and practice applying them!

God bless you as you study for the Chapter 7 Memorization Quiz for Wednesday! You need to have memorized (and be able to use!!): polyatomic ions, monatomic ions (but you can get these off the periodic table), acids, prefixes, and how to write and name chemical formulas. Click here for a copy of the PERIODIC TABLE you’ll use on the test – if you want to practice using it on your own.

That’s a lot, but you can do it! And make double dog sure you are working hard at practicing it all now!!

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9 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-11-19 Oxidation Numbers & Pre-Test Quiz Info

  1. This week I’m struggling with figuring out polyatomic ions oxidation numbers and memorizing the acids. I’m practicing solving the oxidation numbers over and over and I’m going through a quizlet to memorize the acids.

  2. This week I’m struggling with the oxidation numbers, but I keep practicing problems with them, and I use my notes so I can know all of the exceptions.

  3. This week I have struggled with getting the hang of oxidation numbers but I have kept practicing and am getting better at it.

  4. This week has really been a struggle for me. Memorizing all of the polyatomic ions, the acids, and the monatomic ions has been very hard. I do not think I did very well on the quiz, but now I know where I went wrong studying and I am working on bettering my study methods.

  5. This week I have struggled with learning and memorizing things. It gets to be very challenging when we have to put those skills to use. Even though I may struggle, I am working on improving my memorization skills and studying harder.

  6. This week I struggled with memorization, but the more I do it the better I get. I’m gonna keep practicing so I can get good at it.

  7. This week i struggled on the stuff in the quiz. it is very hard to remember all that stuff. i may or may not be able to get it down.

  8. Didn’t really struggle , so I guess the real struggle was to struggle, and I’m fixing that right now by writing this to understand how I struggled properly.

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