Chemistry 11-5-19 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Do you understand better now? Remember it’s like baby steps, first binary ionic compounds, and now, formulas with polyatomic ions. Begin learning how to do them now! And practice, practice, practice!!

Speaking of – how are you doing with polyatomic ion memorization? Quiz tomorrow!

Another great idea, click here for a copy of the Hints for Naming Chemical Formulas Flow Chart, or find it under the Worksheet/Handouts Tab. Follow it every time you name chemical formulas!!

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27 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-5-19 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

  1. One thing I have triumphed in this week is writing binary ionic chemical formulas and polyatomic ions. Something about this chapter has clicked in my brain so far. All of the class discussions have really helped me understand how to de-cypher each formula and have prepared me for Wednesday’s quiz.

  2. Been a struggle,especially not understanding how intricate each classes system of turn-ins are or how easily each class stacks up. Stressful considering most of the time I don’t realize that there is still homework to do. It’s rough but I have been able to at least refocus for a few more seconds while trying to listen in class. I figure a good way to start is actually use my two study hall periods to catch up on anything I miss from inattentiveness

  3. I have done better this week memorizing the polyatomic ions, even though I still get them confused sometimes. Overall, I studied them more often and more effectively than I usually do. It was really helpful to make up silly scenarios that relate to the symbols, because those remind me of the names of the ions. I will probably study like this more in the future 🙂

  4. This week, I triumphed by understanding most of the class lessons and getting my homework done on time while studying the polyatomic ions. I triumphed because doing the homework helped me understand the class lessons better and be able to apply the knowledge. Although I did decent on the first quiz for the polyatomic ions, I will study more, so I can be prepared and get a better grade on the next quiz.

  5. This week I triumphed in the getting all of my online quizzes turned in, and doing them correctly. I also have been trying very hard to pay attention in class since things are getting more complex. I definitely need to work on the polyatomic ions, but I know that now, and will use different studying methods to do so.

  6. This week I had a triumph in the area of our science geek. I was able to remember all of my homework including this web post. I need to focus more on studying and staying ahead of quizzes in this class especially the polyatomic ions. I need to not cram as much at the last second

  7. This week I have triumphed with the polyatomic ions. This is because of the science geek homework we have had, its given me a way to practice them.

  8. This week I triumphed by doing all of my homework and by better understanding how to write ionic formulas. The practice homework helped me to better memorize the polyatomic ions.

  9. This week I triumphed by memorizing the polyatomic ions. Sure, I got a 60 on the test, but the knowledge of the ions is more important than the grade. The practice homework and quizlet helped me study them.

  10. This week, I have triumphed memorizing the polyatomic ions. The online homework with the formula practices and studying the material has helped me achieved this.

  11. This week I have done good at keeping up with what is going on in class . I payed attention in class and to the syllabus in order to know how to do things and when they are due. The syllabus helped me achieve this.

  12. This I triumphed lately by doing better on the chemistry test. I studied in a variety of ways that I hadn’t done on the last test. I made flash cards, highlighted my notes, etc.

  13. This week I triumphed with the polyatomic ions. I did really well on the sciencegeek homework, which helps me a lot with naming chemical formulas and writing them, too. I actually really understand how to write the formulas and that really is the greatest thing, because it’s very hard.

  14. this weeks triumph for me, was definitely the lab. I was able to complete it fully and understand the whole lab easily. I think I did great on it and am really proud of myself.

  15. My triumph this week is learning how to do chemical formulas. I was very confused when we started but now I can even do the harder ones. I also have gotten better at figuring out which polyatomic ion is which.

  16. My triumph this week was learning how to write chemical formulas. It was difficult at first, but I have gotten a little better at them.

  17. My triumph this week was doing all my homework and learning the chemical formulas . The chemical formulas were hard to learn at first but I have learned how to do most of them. I also did all my homework this week.

  18. This week I triumphed with learning chemical formulas and the naming ionic compounds lab. The lab was sort of confusing at first but it didn’t take long to figure out what I was supposed to do. The chemical formulas were also difficult to learn at first but after some practice and studying they soon started to stick with me.

  19. My topic is triumph
    this week my triumph was doing better on this test than my last one i achieved this triumph by studying the right way. Another triumph was making a good grade on the polyatomic ionization quiz.

  20. This week I triumphed with studying the polyatomic ions because I made flash cards, and I used the science geek homework to help me practice. I also triumphed with the lab on yesterday because I read it thoroughly several times before we did it to help me understand it what I was going to be doing.

  21. My triumph this week was that I scored a hundred on my polyatomic ions quiz. I studied for at least 2 weeks and to finally see the grade I deserved was satisfying.

  22. One thing I have had triumph with this week is understanding the new material and not getting overwhelmed with it. Most of the time I get really stressed with all of the materials because I think I won’t understand it but this week hasn’t been like that. I have had success!

  23. This week I feel like I had many ups and downs. One of my downs was the polyatomic ion quiz as I did not prepare as well as I should have and it reflected on my grade. One of my ups was during the lab I felt like I managed my time well as finished on time.

  24. This week I triumphed against the lab, by being able to finish it and the required work all in class yesterday. I can not wait to see what other labs Mrs. Skinner has in store for us during the year to come.

  25. This week i triumphed on the lab, i didn’t feel like i did that bad. I finished at home and it only took me 3 hours.

  26. This week was not my easiest. I did not do well on the quiz but the more I practiced the easier it got. This is my triumph for the week. I also worked very well with my lab partner on the lab this week.

  27. My triumph this week was learning the polyatomic ions. I didn’t do well on the quiz because I wasn’t prepared, but I’m starting to get to know them better.

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