Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

CHEMISTRY: Here’s the Chapter 1 Pre-Test. Fill in your answers below. When you are finished, be sure and click Submit and check to see which ones you missed.Check the syllabus for the due date. Let’s see what you know! 🙂

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Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

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  1. I read the article: A new experiment didn’t find signs of dreaming in brain waves By Laura Sanders. The topic is Neuroscience. This is my summary: Scientists are determined to discover what exactly the human brains’ consciousness is. Tsuchya believes that the key is to study people’s dreams. However, after conducting an experiment the data analysers we’re unable able to determine which volunteer had been dreaming based on a brain wave scan. Many scientists do not believe that this experiment is reliable.

  2. I read the article, “Piranhas and their plant eating relatives, pacus, replace rows of teeth all at once.” By Priyanka Runwal. the topic is how piranhas grow teeth and how fast they do it. Matthew Kolmann, a biologist at George Washington University, says that eating hard seeds can damage teeth and growing whole rows of them is helping freshwater fish reduce the uneven wear and tear on their teeth.

  3. I read the article, “Slower brain development ups a teen’s risk of getting into a car accident.”By Carolyn Wilke. The topic of the article is brain behavior science and society. The article talks about how young drivers have the highest rate of crashes and driving related injuries. Teens have been getting into to many crashes because of distractions or lack of experience.

  4. I read the article, “ Birds are disappearing in North America.” By Carl zimmer. The summary of this article is that birds are disappearing across North America and no one knows for sure why. But multiple studies have been done and they all show the same way thing that the population is declining.

  5. I read the article “Data Shows a Worrisome Rise in Youth Vaping”. It was about how scientists took data from an online survey, and found out that teenagers in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades have had an large increase in vaping usage since 2017.

  6. I read the article “migration hunting birds are declining in population” this article states that birds such as doves and ducks are decreasing In population in North America because it doesn’t get cold enough for them to have to migrate.

  7. In the article “Air pollution intensifies a teen’s feeling of stress”, it talks about how air pollution increases how teens responded to stress. They tested different teenagers from different air quality environments and saw how they responded to stress. The teenagers with worse air were way more stressed than those with better air quality.

  8. I read the article, “Data show worrisome rise in youth vaping”, it talks about how vaping use has increased over the years. They have done surveys to see the percentage of 8th graders, 10th graders, and 12th graders that vape and it shows that the numbers have increased since 2017.

  9. I read the article “Tiny vest could help sick babies breathe easier” by Sharon Oosthoek. This was about how scientists are making a vest that will help new born babies breathe if they are having trouble breathing. They are making this because many machines and masks frequently used can cause deformities in the face of the baby. The vest works by acting as a vacuum and pulls gently on the baby’s stomach allowing air to draw in and flow into their lungs. They are improving it to be more gentle so the baby’s skin will remain unharmed.

  10. I read the article “Lab-grown organoids are more stressed-out than actual brain cells” by Laura Sanders. This was about how scientist tried to grow oranoids in a lab but could not because the cells became stressed out and confused. This shows that brain cells can not function without other cells near them.

  11. I read “Slower brain development ups a teen’s risk of getting into a car accident” by Carolyn Wilke. It was about how scientist did research on 10-11 year old kids to track their brain development. They asked the same kids when they started driving how many of them had traffic accidents. 3 out of 10 of them said that they had. The scientists later found out that it was a result of slow brain development whenever they were younger.

  12. Even though I forgot to do SITN I read an article and it was about an invisibility cloak. They did not use any special effects. They had a special plastic which was clear but you were invisible behind it.

  13. This week for science in the news, I read an article called “Prozac proves no better than a placebo in treating kids with autism”. It talked about how prozac and other SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are commonly prescribed to treat children with autism. They had a study with 109 kids who were randomly prescribed either a placebo or prozac.By the end of the four month study, it was shown that prozac did not perform any better than the placebo did.

  14. I read the article “This robot catches jellyfish with a gentle ‘hug’.” the article was about how mechanical engineering made a robot who safely and gently picks up jellyfish so that scientists can do research on them. The robot has 6 silicon “fingers” that pick up the jellyfish and even though they haven’t tested it in the sea yet, they are pretty positive that it will work just like they want it to.

  15. My article was “Why the knuckleball takes such a knucklehead path” by Emily Conover. Scientists were trying to figure out what causes the odd path of the knuckleball. It has always been thought to be the seams on the baseball. This study used several types of sports balls thrown as a knuckleball would be with little spin and found it must be air drag instead. A quote in the article was done by a man who studies the physics of baseball.

  16. I read “This solar-powered device produces energy and cleans water at the same time”. The articles was about how researches are creating a new piece of technology that can produce energy and purify water. They found out that when they placed a water distillation system on a solar panel, it tackles two of the big issues we have today, energy sources and clean water.

  17. I read the article “ultrasound may become a new way to manage diabetes.” This article was about how ultrasound can prompts brain cells to send a signal to the Pancreas to create insulin in those who have trouble making their own insulin. This takes on one of the most major diseases in our society.

  18. I read the article, “Slower brain development ups a teen’s risk of getting into a car accident.” This article is about how teen drivers have a very high risk of car accidents. This results from the fact that teens have lots of distractions like passengers, music, and cellphones. Studies have also shown that it’s partially because teens have slow brain development.

  19. I chose an article called, “Artists who paint with their feet have ‘toe maps’ in their brains”. They used an MRI to scan two men’s, who paint with their feet, brains. When they touched their feet, they found some uncanny mental maps in their brains that had activated as they experimented.

  20. I read an article called “ can life vests help babies breathe easier”. It was about helping babies that didn’t have fully developed lungs breathe without hurting them. Normally the babies would have tubes coming ou there nose; which would cause them not being able to eat and long term nose damage in the end.

  21. I read an article called “A chip made with carbon nanotubes, not silicon, marks a computing milestone”. The article explained how some scientists are making prototypes of carbon nanotube chips for computers instead of silicon nanotube chips. They explain how the carbon nanotubes would be more efficient and make computers faster. In the end, they had a lot of flaws and still haven’t made a working chip out of carbon nanotubes.

  22. I read an article called “ Can life vests help babies breathe easier”. This article was about helping babies breathe who didn’t have full developed lungs. They best was a replacement instead of them having to use a nose tube.

  23. The article I read was about scientists took the temperature of a black hole by creating an analog of a black hole in the lab. They measures the sound waves it made and used that to figure out the temperature, and then they tested the theory of Stephen Hawkins that black holes are not completely black.

  24. I read the article, “Professors view on intelligence may affect students outcomes.” The topic of this afflicts was about how professors can affect how their students perform based on how they teach minorities in the classroom. If a teacher has already set a standard for a particular student, how is the student supposed to exceed that standard? Studies show that the more open and sharing the professors are, the better each student does. The whole article addresses how professors should be treating their students from minorities.

  25. My goal or strategy for the week is too be better at time management on labs. To be better at and preparing ahead of time and being more efficient when studying for test.

  26. Goal & Strategy. This week my goal is to get all my makeup work turned in from last week. The strategy I will use is to not waste any free time. I will need to use my time very wisely this week in getting things made up and still keeping up.

  27. This week, my strategy was to study for the test, complete the lab report correctly, and study the polyatomic ions. My goal is to get good grades on those.

  28. My goal for the year is to have an “A” in Chemistry. How I am going to complete this goal is to, study hard and apply myself. I find Chemistry interesting so my curiosity will help me reach my goal.

  29. My goal this year is to get good grades and keep up with my homework. My strategy is to study hard and stay on top of homework assignments

  30. My goal this week is to get my lab report done on time and make an A on it. My strategy is to not wait until the last minute and get it done before Friday morning before 8:00.

  31. My goal for this next section is to be able to understand and learn the material well enough to apply it on and off the test. My strategy will be to start studying a soon as I get the material, make more flash cards, and highlight my notes sooner.

  32. My goal for this week is to make sure and read the syllabus and do all my acquired homework. Also, I need to study my material from class more and apply it to my tests and labs. My strategy is to do these things very well, each and every week so that I can make good grades.

  33. My goal for this week is to make sure I do well on the test, study the polyatomic ions, and do the lab correctly. My strategy for this is to read the lab thoroughly the day before we do the lab, so I can understand and be prepared for what I’ll be doing, study by using flash cards, and give myself plenty of time to study.

  34. My goal for this upcoming section we are learning about is to read all the assigned reading and take good notes. My strategy is to stay on top of things and study things in sections every night.

  35. My goal this week is to study for the test as best I can. My strategy to do so will be to stay on top of my homework and balance it with studying so that I get everything done.

  36. My goal for the year is to work harder on not just knowing the information but being able to explain it and understanding it. Right now I feel like I do an okay job of that but not the best. I know that I need to work harder on that and I am starting right now.

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