Chemistry 10-16-19 Chemical Properties & Changes & Energy

CHEMISTRY: So how do you know if something is a physical or a chemical change? Applications, applications! Make sure you can apply what you learned today. Ditto on the law of conservation of mass.

Don’t forget that we will do the thLab: Candle Observation in class tomorrow. Make sure you have a printed copy!

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32 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-16-19 Chemical Properties & Changes & Energy

  1. Chemistry sightings:
    Chemical change- I made a cheese and sausage plate. When I cooked the sausage it was a chemical change because the properties of the sausage actually changed.
    Physical change- When “I Cut the cheese” haha it was a physical change because all that happens was the cheese was cut to a smaller size. The objects properties didn’t change

  2. I struggle with identifying a chemical or a physical change. I am pretty good about identifying a physical change but sometimes it can be confusing when you have a chemical change. I learned that I just need to work examples over and over again until I can accurately identify between the two.

  3. I did well this week with identifying chemical and physical changes. I learned to look at chemical changes in a different way and I am no longer struggling with trying to identify them. I call this a triumph moment!

  4. In the lab, observing a candle, i did well on observing and figuring out if it was a chemical or physical change. I was able to come up with multiple observations in a short amount of time. Also, I was able to easily identify whether it was a physical or chemical change based of examples we talked about in class.

  5. This week I did well on identifying physical and chemical changes. Although a candle can have both a chemical and physical change, in this lab it was a chemical change because the candle couldn’t return to its original identity. It produced new substances such as, heat, light, wax vapors, and carbon dioxide.

  6. This week in Chemistry, my triumph was finishing the Energy of Solutions lab without stressing out about it too much. Me and my lab partner worked very diligently together and finished in a good amount of time. We also stayed very calm and prepared before the lab which made our overall performance very great.

  7. I rate myself a 7 out of 10 for this week. Even though I am a new student and I’m still adjusting, I believe that I am still doing a good job on my assignments. I did struggle with the lab observations, but overall I believe that I did well and will continue to do well.

  8. This week my triumph was working well with my lab partner. Although at the beginning of the lab we caught ourselves lagging behind, we got our act together and got on a role. We were always doing 2 things at once. This allowed us to finsh with time to spare and made the lab less stressful.

  9. My triumph this week is that I was able to finish my lab on time. I put my observations in the correct format and me and my lab partner planned out our time so that we would finish in time.

  10. During the lab this week a did a lot better when it came to reading over the lab before the day we did it. This way I was more prepared for class.

  11. This week I did well on the candle lab. I read through the lab the night before to know what I would be doing the next day for the lab.I got all my work and observations done in class.

  12. This week, I had a bit of trouble coming up with a lot of observation in a short amount of time but my partner and I finished our lab. I know now not to overthink and to just write down things I observe.

  13. I think I have done better this week with my time management, however I still am in need of improvement. I could have done better on my candle activity but I let the time get the better of me and I know it wasn’t to the highest effort it could have been. In the future weeks I hope to manage my time better and keep on top of my work in class and at home.

  14. My struggle this week was the candle activity. I had a hard time finding observations that would fit with quantitative. I eventually realized I was overthinking it and figured out some observations.

  15. This week I did well by continuing to review over the elements so I can continue to use them. I also did well by understanding what we were doing by paying close attention in class.

  16. This week I did really well with deciding if there was a chemical change or a physical change. I also stayed on top of my work and did better with time management. I would say this was a successful week!

  17. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I think I did well in the candle lab and in our homework. I still can work on time management but other than that I’d say my week was pretty good

  18. This week I did good with recognizing the differences in chemical and physical changes. I also was prepared for classes more than normal. It was a good week!

  19. My triumph this week was the energy in solutions lab. My partner and I worked well the whole time and when the computer acted up we divided the work and finished fast but did it well and got all the results we needed for our report.

  20. A triumph I had this week was working well on the lab we had this week. My partner and I worked very efficiently and got everything done in a timely manner. We were able to figure out our process very quickly and it was an effective method.

  21. I did well on taking better notes this week. I really tried to stay focus and have more detail explanations. The reason I did. The reason I did better is because I listen to a video of how to take better, and it helped a lot.

  22. I rate myself 4 out of 5 stars this week. It was a short week so I didn’t get behind and prepared well for the lab; however, we started off slow on the lab,but ended up finishing so it was okay.

  23. I rate myself a 3 out of 5 this week. I should’ve been more prepared for class and forgot many things before coming to class; this was also due to not printing out the syllabus. Next week, I will make sure to print off the syllabus and be prepared!

  24. This week I struggled with the candle observation lab. I was having trouble thinking of things to write for the quantitative part, and even the qualitative. I realized i just was over thinking it and I was worried about time.

  25. This week I’ve done better with taking good notes. It’s difficult to pay attention to the lesson and write at the same time and most the time my notes are hard to decipher. I wrote my notes neater and more understandable by creating bullet points and spacing out my notes.

  26. This week my triumph was completing the lab we had on time and doing so correctly. I was able to do well because my partner and I prepared for the lab before hand and had a plan before we even got to the lab on what we were going to do. By doing this we were prepared and were able to work quickly while also completing the lab correctly.

  27. This week I was proud of myself for my time management skills when it came to the candle lab. I was able to finish on time by following the time chart for each section Ms. Skinner told us to follow. I am also proud to be doing my web post the day before and not an hour before its due.

  28. This week I did well at identifying chemical and physical changes. I struggled with taking good sufficient notes that are eligible. I need to take my time when I do that more. I am also proud of myself to remember to do this and not forget.

  29. This week I rate myself at 3. I felt like did good on looking for chemical and physical change. And do felt like j did good on the lab.

  30. This week I struggled with part of the Observation Lab. It seemed easy enough in the beginning, and usually I can write down plenty of observations, but I struggled this time to get enough observations for the last part after I blew the candle out. I think I should have thought about things to watch out for beforehand so that I already had these ideas in my head. So in the future I will not only read and understand the experiment before performing it, but I will also think of possible occurrences to watch out for, observe, and record. This will help me answer questions about the lab and also remember it better and be able to apply it more in everyday life.

  31. This week my triumph was the energy in solutions lab. My partner and I worked well together and were able to be productive, so we get done early. We also were able to design an experiment that worked pretty well.

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