Physics 10-3-19 2D Motion Problems Review & Help Session

PHYSICS: Wow! You have grown so much in understanding these problems! Here’s yesterday’s discussion of one of the relative motion problems (#44) and the torpedo problem – #7 from the 2D worksheet. Add #37 from the end of the chapter review to your homework for this weekend.

Below the vodcast from today’s class is the help session from this morning – #5 and #6 from the 2D worksheet – a stone is thrown and a bird in the wind.

Have a great homecoming tomorrow!!

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Help Session from Thursday morning:

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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20 thoughts on “Physics 10-3-19 2D Motion Problems Review & Help Session

  1. This was a crazy week. Since it was homecoming, it was very stressful and I found it hard to focus on school. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on homework!!! I need to stop procrastinating and start working harder.

  2. This week a definite triumph for me. I feel like I’m finally getting a grasp on these recent vector problems and I got everything I needed done even with the craziness of this week. I still need a lot of practice before I’m ready for the test though and I hope to get my labs done this weekend.

  3. This week I would rate myself 4/5. Despite the craziness of this past week, I was able to do all my work. I’ve gained a better understanding of the concepts. I’ve still got a while before an A on the test, but I think I’m on my way!

  4. This week has been….. wack. I rate myself a 1/5 because I know for a fact I have not been doing my best, and my grades and understanding of the concepts 100% reflects that. Next week will be better. I’m planning to start on my lab reports on Sunday afternoon to get a little ahead so that I can relax (HAHA As if) on Tuesday.

    .pleh dnes esaelP

  5. This week was very stressful because of homecoming. However, I think I made some progress with the problems! With enough studying over the weekend, I think I could do well on the test!

  6. This week I’m going to rate myself a 4/5. My group handled the rocket lab very well and were able to complete it in a good amount of time. I understood a little more about vectors, but I’m still not sure that I did too hot on the test. I understood the take home lab and from what I have read from the chapter, I think this will make more sense to me.

  7. This week I had a pretty tough struggle. I studied very hard for my test, but I did not even have enough time to finish it. I feel like I tried very hard, but I’m still not getting the results that I want. I struggle with remembering that my grade is not an indication of how much I have learned. Just because I have not done the best on a test doesn’t mean that I have not learned a lot. For the next test, I will just work on time so I can work better under time constraints and have better confidence for the next test.

  8. This week I would rate myself a 2/5. First, on Tuesday we had a test and i feel I didn’t prepare enough. I didn’t quite have the speed I needed for the problems so I was rushing at the end of the test. However, the end of the week started to brighten up. We did the rocket lab and it was quite gratifying to find the horizontal range. Although, we didn’t hit the tub I am okay setting for 0.9601 m away from the center of the tub.

  9. This week I feel like I had a struggle with the test. I feel like I made a lot of careless mistakes because I found a lot of mistakes when I was checking over it, and I think that there was likely some I didn’t find. I have accepted a potential B, and I am okay with it because I did really well on the first test. I am gonna rest this fall break and decompress from this first term. Despite my potentially poor test performance, I feel like I learned all the information well and will remember it until the exam.

  10. Rate: 4/5
    I had what felt like an average test performance, but the design challenge was so fun that it made up for it. I learned today that engineering does seem like a fun major for what I like. This class seems like the first one I have genuinely enjoyed taking and feel a true practicality to the real world and that is quite exhilarating. Ready for fall break baby

  11. For some reason it seems like every time I say “next week will be better,” next week is always worse. I got absolutely wrecked this week. It’s my own fault for letting things that shouldn’t get to me, get to me. Next week will be…. sandy. Possibly stormy? Maybe I could be FaceTimed or Skyped during the lab? Fingers crossed for the computer to work so I can watch the vodcasts.

    Next quarter WILL be better. No other option.

  12. This week I would rate myself 3/5. I let myself get distracted. I was overwhelmed by homecoming. I did not take my test efficiently, and I paid for it. The lab stressed me out a bit. However, I actually enjoyed this week, and I still survived with an okay-ish scholastic standing. AND IT’S FALL BREAK!

  13. Literally this week was great. Despite the fact I couldn’t talk for half of it. I did awesome this week. When I did anything I actually understood and I did really well on the test!!

  14. Despite everything, this week is a solid 4/5. Did I get clapped on the test? Yes. Did I only get 1.5 hours of sleep on Tuesday? Yes. But you know what? I triumphed. I conquered this mountain of a week. I did 11 points better than my last test, which is a small improvement, but still an IMPROVEMENT. That’s all I want to do in this class – improve and learn something new everyday.

    As my grandfather once said about the Vietnam War, “Sometimes you could only take enemy ground inch by inch, but a victory is still a victory, even by inches.”

    When I return from fall break, I may get clapped again. But I will not falter. I will never give up.

  15. This week was such a triumph for me!! We did so well on the rocket lab, that we don’t have to calculate percent error and the design challenge was a super fun stress reliever! I’m also super proud of my test grade. My overall grade went up a letter grade!! Maybe with the extra help I’m going to get, my understanding and overall performance in physics will improve greatly.

  16. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I made a good improvement from my last test score and I’m happy with the amount of study time I put into it. I got little sleep this week but I got all the homework I needed done whether I did it at 1 in the morning or 4 in the morning. I really needed this fall break and I’m reading for what next 9 weeks has in store for me!

  17. I can’t really decide how I feel about this week. In part, I know that I tried my best on the test, so I have comfort in that and hopefully my grade will show it! And on the rocket lab, we did our calculations correctly so we did not have to calculate percent error, so I was proud of that! However, I got little sleep. This weekend I will rest up and come better prepared for what is to come!

  18. I rate myself a 3/5 this week so far because i understand the difference between a chemical and physical change and I understand most of what we took notes on. I’ve taken really good notes so far.

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