Hon Chemistry 9-24-19 Physical & Chemical Changes and Conservation of Mass

HON CHEMISTRY: More review today on chemical properties and chemical changes. Can you determine if a chemical change has occurred? And what about energy? How is that important in chemical changes? Let’s play with a chemical change tomorrow!

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16 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-24-19 Physical & Chemical Changes and Conservation of Mass

  1. This week in Chemistry, I really struggled with procrastination and preparing myself for the next day of class. I definitely could say that this made me very confused during class and I wasn’t able to focus and participate fully. I need to become better at juggling my time with all of my other classes and sports. In the future, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared for each day in Chemistry and that I’m striving to become a better student. Not only am I going to try to stay on task, but I’m going to try to prepare ahead of time.

  2. This week in chemistry, I struggled with the change of me having a broken wrist, time management, but I have gotten better at organization.

  3. This week I struggled with not studying for tests well and towards the end of the week I began spending more time studying. I also found more effective ways to study and help me remember information

  4. This week I struggled with being prepared and just having the want to do my work. I’m gonna work on this by pushing myself harder and getting over not wanting to do the work.

  5. This week I struggled with procrastination and time-management skills. I should have not procrastinated and waited untill the last minute to learn the element’s masses. I’m going to work on this by evening out my studying throughout the week instead of trying to cram before the quiz.

  6. This week I struggled with focusing on the little details while showing work on my lab. I am going to take my time and check over my work more often instead of rushing through it next time.

  7. This week I struggled with time management because I was trying to balance chemistry with my other classes, dance, and performances. This should not be a problem next week because the show is going to be over but going forward I will work on my time management by giving myself more of a schedule when I have a really busy night and not waiting until the last minute to do things.

  8. This week I struggled with memorizing the atomic numbers of some of the elements. I will continue to study the elements so I can have them in my memory for future use.

  9. This week I struggled with studying ahead of time. I waited WAY to late to start studying the elements and it caused me to stay up very late Thursday night, and be a little rusty on the atomic masses. In the future, I plan to study a good bit in advance of a test or quiz and not wait until two days before.

  10. This week, I struggled with stressing out too much. For example, I was super worried and up late last night studying the elements for our quiz today. But, the quiz was not anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be. I had been preparing all week for the quiz so I knew the material, but I just psyched myself out for no reason. So, in the future I will try my best to be confident in myself and not get overly anxious.

  11. I struggled this week with PROCRASTINATING! I waited until this week and even last night to study and learn what I needed to know for the element quiz today. I know we have a test coming up in two weeks, so I am going to start studying this weekend and maybe even make a schedule for studying for this test so that I am well-prepared and do not have to stress myself out (as I often do) cramming.

  12. This week I struggled with procrastinating. I got all of my homework done in time, but I waited way too long to start memorizing the elements. I only started about 3 days before the quiz, but I had much longer to learn them. If I wouldn’t have procrastinated learning them, I would have known them much more confidently. I plan to fix this problem in the future by studying as soon as I can for tests/quizzes, and by memorizing the elements even better and more confidently.

  13. This week in chemistry I struggled with having to miss 3 classes and catching up on my work. I had no time to work at home and I don’t know what I missed those three days but I have a weekend to prepare myself for next week and bring my grade up in the next 2 weeks

  14. This week in chemistry I struggled with procrastination and being meticulous in during my labs because the required extreme focus and I did not deliver the first time around, thus causing me and my partner to redo our labs. I also struggled with studying the elements because there is so many and it took forever but I think I did a pretty good job.

  15. This week I struggled with paying attention. I didn’t focus as well as I should have. I need to get better at this so I can prosper in this class.

  16. This week I really struggled with doing all of my work. This affects me in class very much. One time I even talked about an article I read 3 weeks ago. I could overcome these things by working harder, because that would be the best fix.

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